SEO Agencies Are the Experts at Improving Your Website Content

SEO agencies, by necessity, often perform two roles. They’re just as often performing digital marketing tasks for their clients. The internet is primarily a world of written content, and as that content is partly responsible for the rankings of the websites, SEO and digital marketing inhabit the same world by default. In fact, the names ‘SEO agency’ and ‘digital marketing agency’ are basically interchangeable with respect to the needs of their clients.

This is good news for a brand that relies on its partnership with an experienced agency to deliver traffic to their site. Whatever this agency calls itself, their primary role in the partnership is to provide continuous support to their client’s website. And one of the techniques that they use the most in providing this support is called ‘content marketing’.

What is Content Marketing?

The term ‘content marketing’ covers a lot of areas. In the technical sense, it refers to the use of specific keywords that are entered by the users to find particular products and services that are offered by the clients. But content marketing also includes outreach pieces and blogs that are more indirect, but just as valuable to a brand’s marketing efforts.

Outreach pieces are written content meant to appear on other platforms than the client’s website. They can be on any subject related to the client’s products and services and are generally promotion-oriented. They contain links in keywords and phrases that direct the interested reader back to the client’s site.

Blogs are generally information-oriented content that’s helpful and relevant to the client’s target customers. They can appear on a client’s website or other related sites, such as industry or trade sites, or regional sites. They also contain links back to the client’s site and specifically address their products and services in a positive manner.

Content marketing also encompasses the content of advertisements. With many social media platforms, as well as Google expanding the formats of ads they offer, SEO agencies can get creative in the ads they produce. They mix written content with video, graphics, and images in new ways to deliver new messages to different target audiences.

Good Content Delivers

“Content is king.” For the longest time, this tired cliché has been uttered by marketers. Yet, it’s still as relevant as the first time it was said. Well-written content grabs people and compels them to keep reading. It can be persuasive, informative, and engaging. It can also sell products and services by offering far more information than the most attractive and well-produced image offers. Even video ads have to first contain a written script to convey their message to a target audience.

Put your website to work for your brand by partnering with an experienced and creative SEO agency. Your partner can create a content marketing campaign that precisely spreads your message in many different formats to your intended audience and delivers valuable traffic to your website.

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