10 Work From Home Jobs For Moms And Dads

When you’re a parent, it can be difficult to find the time and energy to work. However, there are many jobs out there that allow you to work from home so you don’t have to miss out on time with your family. The following list includes some remote jobs for stay at home moms and working parents who want flexibility and a chance to make extra money:


Top 10 Work-From-Home Jobs For Moms and Dads

1. Advice Columnist

 Advice Columnist

If you’re a mom or dad who has something to say, this is the job for you. Advice columnists are typically experts in their field, who also have the ability to write well and answer questions from readers.

Many advice columnists work from home and can do so on their own schedule; however, some employers will only hire those who are able to work full-time.

Advice columns appeal to all types of readers because they offer a unique perspective that readers may not get elsewhere.

As an advice columnist, you’re your own boss and can create your own hours—you don’t need anyone else except yourself (and maybe your kids). You might be surprised at how much money it is available for writers who want it!

2. Blogger


Blogging is a great way to share your knowledge with the world. You can blog about anything you are passionate about. Perhaps you want to build up your resume and create a personal brand, or maybe you have an established career in which blogging will help promote your expertise.

Either way, if you know how to write well and have plenty of time on your hands (or perhaps feel like faking it), there’s no reason why blogging shouldn’t be considered one of the best ways for moms and dads who want to work from home.

3. Writer


Write web content for businesses that don’t have their own content staff (or don’t want to hire one). Many small businesses don’t have full-time employees who write articles on their behalf—they simply pay someone else to do it!

In fact, many large companies also hire freelance writers who work remotely via the Internet rather than having them come into an office every day. The best way to find these jobs is through job search engines like Indeed or Monster; there are tons of listings available right now because of how common remote work has become over the last decade.* Write web content for large companies looking for more than just basic articles (and pay $20 per hour).

Large corporations often need help from freelance writers when they’re short on time; instead of hiring someone full-time who could take months off during maternity leave or vacation periods due to family obligations—which happens all too often nowadays—they’ll turn towards freelancers

4. Editor


Editing is a job that requires you to make sure the content your company or client produces is accurate and of high quality.

As an editor, you’ll be responsible for checking and correcting content before it’s published, assigning articles and editing their content, writing headlines and subheadlines, writing introductions (and sometimes conclusions), verifying facts, finding ways of improving readability via changes in sentence structure or word choice—basically anything that helps make the written material clearer.

5. Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistant

As a virtual assistant, you’ll be working remotely with clients who need help with basic administrative tasks. To be successful in this role, you should have:

  • A computer and internet access
  • Time to dedicate to the job (it’s not going to make you rich)
  • Reliable transportation if you’re going to set up in-person meetings with clients (or they will find someone else)

The work can vary from project to project but it typically involves responding to email queries from customers, scheduling appointments or meetings for them, updating social media accounts on their behalf, or performing other administrative tasks as needed by the client.

A great way to get started is by registering for an account on Upwork or Fiverr where there are plenty of opportunities for virtual assistants. The pay isn’t great but it’s very flexible so long as you have enough projects lined up!

6. Social Media Manager

Social Media Manager

Social media managers are responsible for creating and executing social media strategies that boost a company’s visibility, engagement and reputation. The position also involves measuring the ROI of various campaigns and marketing tactics.

To qualify as a social media manager, you should have at least three years of experience in digital marketing or communications; be skilled in storytelling through video production; understand how to use analytics to measure results; have an eye for design; possess strong copywriting skills; be able to create engaging headlines that grab attention; know how to incorporate images into content effectively (and choose them carefully); understand how people interact with one another online so that you can anticipate trends before they happen (and capitalize on them).

7. Website Developer or Designer

 Website Developer

Website developers and designers are two different types of web professionals who specialize in different aspects of website creation. Developers are more technical and work on the back end of a website, while designers are more artistic and create the front-end look and feel.

Developers use programming languages like HTML and CSS to create websites, while designers use tools like Photoshop or Sketch to add graphics, animation, color schemes and fonts.

8. Graphic Designer

As a graphic designer, you could design logos, print material, and websites. You may also create designs in other media such as digital or print. You will use computer software to create graphics.

Some examples of the type of jobs you could do include:

  • Designing websites and logos
  • Designing advertisements for magazines and newspapers
  • Creating brochures, leaflets, and posters

9. Transcriptionist


Transcription is the process of converting spoken words into written text. A transcriptionist sits in front of a computer and listens to audio files, typing out what they hear. They listen to audio files that have been recorded by others or created by themselves, such as interviews and meetings. Some transcriptionists work from home, while others work from an office or cubicle setting.

There are many different types of jobs available for transcriptionists such as live transcribing (working for companies who conduct business over the phone), legal and medical dictation, call center-based programming, educational interviewing/recording services, medical reports/transcriptions, real estate recordings, etc.

10. Customer Service Representative

Customer Service Representative

Customer service representatives work in a variety of industries and settings, but they all have one thing in common: they are tasked with responding to customer requests and inquiries. They may be called upon to answer phones, resolve issues, or handle transactions over email or social media. Customer service reps can find employment at call centers and other organizations that deal directly with customers on a regular basis.

A stay-at-home parent who has excellent communication skills and an outgoing personality would be ideal for this type of job. In addition to having good verbal communication skills, you’ll need strong listening skills so that you can accurately understand what your customer wants from you before providing them with an appropriate response or solution.

The ability to multitask is also crucial when working as a customer service rep—you’ll likely receive calls from multiple people simultaneously during busy periods so it’s important that you can quickly switch between tasks as needed without losing focus on each one individually.”


If you’re a parent, this list can be a great resource for finding work that fits your schedule. If you have other responsibilities outside of work, it may be difficult to find an employer who can accommodate those needs. But if you’re lucky enough to have a job that allows flexibility in their hours or remote working options, there are plenty of opportunities out there for stay-at-home parents looking for something more than just childcare!



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