How To Choose The Best Broker For You


08 August 2018


How To Choose The Best Broker For You

Choosing the right Forex broker can make a big difference in launching a successful investment career in the trillion-dollar forex market. However, choosing the best forex broker is no easy task given the overwhelming number of brokers all gunning for people’s money at any given time.

1. Types of Forex Brokers :

When it comes to online foreign exchange trading, an important consideration is opening a trading account with a reputable forex broker. There are three types of forex brokers ranked based on how they handle transactions and how they execute market orders.

No Dealing Brokers :

As the name implies, No Dealing Brokers lack a dealing desk and instead, strive to offer the best composite quotes from multiple forex quote providers. In this case, providers will post their best market prices that NDD forex broker will have to choose to execute transactions.

NDD brokers charge a commission or widen the bid-offer in order to make profits from trades entered by traders.

Market Makers :

A market maker is a type of forex broker that offers a two-sided customer market. In this case, the broker always ends up taking the other side of trade depending on the side that a forex trader has taken. In case a trader makes a buy, the broker is obliged to take the sell-side.

Electronic Communication Network :

An ECN forex broker provides a platform whereby forex traders from all walks of life regardless of skills congregate to place trades.

2. Features of a Reliable Forex Broker :

Regulatory Compliance :

In a sector where the number of international forex brokers can be overwhelming, scrutinizing regulatory compliance can be the only way of ending up with a reliable forex broker. Going through forex brokers reviews do not a sure way of ending up with a reputable broker as such reviews can be manipulated.

Highest rated forex brokers are always in compliance with the highest level of regulation depending on jurisdiction. For example in the U.S, regulated forex brokers are members of the National Futures Association and are registered by the U.S Commodity Futures Trading Commission as well as the Retail Foreign Exchange Dealer.

A flashy forex broker website cannot be used to rate a broker. Trading with a regulated broker is essential if one is to rest assured of the security of their deposits as well as the integrity when it comes to trade execution.

Trading Platform :

The best forex trading account is one that comes with a trading platform that is pleasing, easy to use and has a variety of indicators and tools for technical analysis. Legit forex trading companies offer trading platforms that have clear-cut buy and sell buttons. Some go the extra mile and provide panic buttons for closing all open positions at once.

Conversely, trading with a forex broker offering a poorly designed platform can lead to costly mistakes such as opening a trade when one intended to close or going short when one meant to go long.

Customer Service :

Highest rated forex traders come with a robust customer service team that is always on dial any time of day to address forex trader’s needs. When choosing a forex broker, it would be essential to give them a random call just to get an idea of the service they are likely to offer once an account is opened.

3. How to Identify a Good Broker :

A good forex trader is one that charges lowest transaction costs when opening and closing trades. Spread and commission charges can significantly eat into one returns if caution is not taken.

Legit forex trading companies allow people to deposit and withdraw funds hassle-free. Any broker that comes with restrictions on when one can withdraw or the amount of money one can withdrawal should be a big no.

Execution of trades is another aspect that one should always pay close attention to when selecting forex brokers. Under the normal market condition, a forex broker should allow trades to get filled, at or very close to the market price on the screen.

Going through forex broker reviews is of utmost importance prior to opening a forex trading account. Such reviews provide clear-cut information about the kind of forex trading service one is likely to experience based on other forex trader’s experience. In addition, trading with a regulated forex broker is a must.

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Tips on Doing Search Engine Marketing (SEM) for Businesses

Despite being one of the smallest countries in Southeast Asia, Singapore is recognized worldwide for having a highly advanced economy. The country is consistently dubbed as a global business hub, with several multinational companies setting up their headquarters there. One of the primary reasons, apart from its strong economy, would be its strategic location, which allows for a unique cultural mix consisting of Asian, European, and American influences. This advantage easily makes Singapore a top international business community.Over the years, competition has intensified in the country, making marketing more critical than ever. Working with an SEM agency in Singapore is now standard practice as several businesses are trying to gain an edge over their competitors. Creating strong Search Engine Marketing campaigns is vital to your company’s success, but doing this is much easier said than done. If you are new to SEM techniques, here are a few tips to help your small business stand out from the crowd. Here are Tips on Doing Search Engine Marketing to help your small business  Choose the Right KeywordsSearch engines utilize keywords to match web pages with user searches, so choosing the right ones is crucial to ensure your site reaches your target audience. When using pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, optimizing your keywords will be vital to ranking high in results pages. You can utilize various tools to aid you in your keyword research, so you can look at the competition, search volume, and relevance. Doing this is a must to ensure that your investments are correctly used. Create Quality Content Content is king in any marketing strategy, and Search Engine Marketing is no exception. Having a visually appealing ad or website will be important to catch your audience’s attention, but ultimately, it will be your content that keeps them engaged and interested. Creating valuable and high-quality content is essential to show your expertise and credibility, so users can feel inclined to trust your brand. With this, you can generate more leads and boost your conversions. Know Your Competition When creating a Search Engine Marketing plan, it is important to consider your business, who your audience is, and what your objectives are. However, you must also look at the bigger picture and analyze your competition. When working with an SEM agency in Singapore, you may be able to gain more insight into this with professional tools and expertise. Conducting competitive analysis allows you to see what everyone else is doing, so you can see what methods work and think about how you can differentiate yourself from the crowd. Monitor Your StrategyOne of the common misconceptions about Search Engine Marketing is that it is finished after you execute your campaign. Like SEO, however, Search Engine Marketing is an ongoing strategy and is not merely a one-time strategy that you leave alone. It is essential that you monitor your strategy consistently to see if it is generating your desired results. Much like how technology is constantly evolving, new SEM practices also get introduced over time. Thus, staying updated can ensure that you do not miss out on any potential or opportunities to boost your returns.In today’s competitive business environment, Search Engine Marketing campaigns can help you increase your customer base while maintaining substantial returns on your investment. You can use the above-mentioned tips to help you get started with SEM, so you can get your desired objectives and make the most out of your marketing efforts.Read Also:8 Key SEO Strategies for E-Commerce Websites Required Content Marketing for Your E-Commerce Curious About Search Engine Optimization? Let’s Get to Its Roots Online Marketing: Selling Your Product And Services

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Types Of Objections In Sales And How To Overcome Them With An Email Delivery Test?

What Is A Sales ObjectionIs there a sales objection definition in the first place? We don’t think so. Objections in sales are a common thing. Resistance or questions from the client does not mean that you or your manager are not working well. In contrast, top sellers close the deals after handling 5-6 objections.Dealing with objections occurs at any stage of negotiations. That's how people are. Everyone has a fear of the unknown. Guarantees, price, quality, and the result they will receive at the end are important to any client.The client wants to buy a solution to his problem, for example, an email delivery test or the satisfaction of any other need.Your task as a seller is to become a trusted person. They have to trust you to buy something from you. If you buy any product in a store, the reputation of the brand is important to you, you need trust in them, quality, price, and hundreds of other details.What Is Objection Handling?Let's start with the fact that this is a rather complicated process in which the experience and skills of your seller are very important, even if it is an email correspondence in which a regular email spam test will come in handy.In the case of a problem or unsure customer, it depends on you whether you can sell a certain product.We will give examples of good objection handling in such cases:1. Turning an objection into a plus.The buyer's complaint may, in essence, be transformed into a question and addressed in a way that is advantageous to you. For instance, "Why is it taking so long for the SendGrid sender authentication?This process was created specifically based on feedback from our customers. Such requirements give you a much better quality of work in the future, and we only want the best result for you, that's why we have to wait.".2. Mitigation of objection.The ability to concede to the client with little concern is essential. For instance, "Good question! These rumors have been spread before, but they are untrue. In fact, Folderly software is quite high quality and will last you for a very long time."3. Comparison of similar products.Give the customer the chance to compare this product to others if they start to protest. Give them a chance to do the research or yourself. The only problem is: are you sure your product is the best out there?Why Does The Proper Handling Of Email Spam Test Matter?If the buyer is not sure about the purchase, you cannot leave him to his own devices and let him choose the product by himself. Moreover, this is your job! If you give the buyer too much freedom of choice, it can be considered that you do not care about your customers.If the buyer is unsure about the purchase but asks questions, this is even better than the previous example. With an email spam test, you’ll know what your customer needs and deliver it right to their computer! ! This is the kind of buyer who will ask you a hundred questions but only once.Usually, this type has a very high return rate. This is simply due to the fact that they have already done their research, asked you all the questions they were interested in, and they only have years to use the product, which they already know everything about.Do not scare away your buyer with your annoying email - the email spam test will help you with this, which will check how relevant your email is to your situation.Primary Types Of Objections To Distinguish Between:We researched the sales of the email delivery product Folderly and got the top three of the most popular types of objections:1. Objections and queries that are not that importantFor example, "I need a more elegant color than this red." Such inquiries are meant to trap the seller in an argument. It is vital to move the conversation in this situation fluidly in a different direction.The staff is required to answer this question, but only briefly if the customer keeps asking it. After that, customers often stop grumbling and start a productive conversation. You can run a mail test for your workers for them to get the skills of talking to difficult customers via email.2. Objections are based on the terrible experiences of friendsIt is crucial for the consumer to verify whether friends who warned them about the downsides of this product were telling the truth. If this is the case, you should learn how to use the disadvantages to your advantage.3. Hopeless objections are one of the most complicated sales objection definitionsFor instance, "I recently purchased such goods," or "I don't wish to purchase anything at this time."  In this case, we can only briefly discuss the benefits of purchasing things from you rather than another retailer, so that the client would come to you the next time.Budget-Related Objections As The Most Widespread OnesIt is known that a client will always value pricing. Undoubtedly, although not always, this is one of the important elements.Dealing with customer objections will be easier if you are one step ahead. Voice the most popular objections yourself and answer them right away.I think you may be confused by the price. It is higher than that of competitors because the product is produced by hand, not by machine, and therefore more expensive.Running an email deliverability check and improving your email will lead the buyer to think that this product is special, unique, and of higher quality than other analogs.And as we all know, everyone likes an individual approach. You see how we turned the price problem into an advantage in the form of product uniqueness. Be one step ahead of them!Tip: sometimes this question can be initially avoided. Asking the customer what is most important to him in the good or service he wants to acquire before discussing the pricing or using an email test online would eliminate the need for any objection handling techniques regarding price.General Brush-Offs Masked As Objections"I'll think about it" is another popular sales objection.This phrase can be used as a denial or a wish to eliminate the sales manager more quickly. It is the seller's responsibility to discover the buyer's genuine motivation. He either respectfully declines or appreciates the product for the future.Simply asking the buyer "Are you pleased with the product/service in general or do you have doubts" or using an email deliverability check can reveal their genuine motivations. If there is, let's determine what it is specifically.You may hear what genuinely frustrates the buyer when they respond "Yes, but..." in the discussion after the “but”. Cost, a bad prior experience, difficult circumstances, etc.Final WordsIf you have reached such a situation, it means that before that you did not sound too convincing and therefore made a mistake in your email deliverability test or at some of the previous stages.You will eventually develop your own methods for handling sales objections, but for the time being, you may employ tested techniques. Without training, it is hard to handle sales rejections.The hardest place to manage objections is for sales managers in call centers. Because it's simpler to break off communication over the phone, they only get one chance to respond accurately before the potential customer hangs up.Read Also:4 Simple And Cheap Methods To Attract More Customers7 Ways Technology Can Help in Customer Management and SalesHow U.S.-Based Appointment Reminders Can Help Customers Keep Track of Their Schedule

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Getting The Most Out Of Your Email Campaigns By Getting The Audit Right!

Excerpt: Delivering email campaigns that perform exceedingly well requires effort and email audits help you get closer to better ROIs. Read on!So half of the year has gone by smoothly (well, almost), your brand’s making money, your workflows are automated, and your email marketing campaigns are doing well. Wait, yes, pause at the last part of the sentence. Are they really performing optimally?To get a clear understanding of the efficacy of your email marketing campaigns, no matter how great and well-automated they might be in your perspective, you NEED to run audits twice or thrice every twelve months.If you meet an email marketer over drinks, they will probably have a lot to say about their KPIs and how the click-throughs are not making the cut. So how can one ensure that their email marketing efforts don’t go down the drain? The answer is quite simple indeed: execute email marketing audits to unveil your strengths and weaknesses, areas of improvement, and those that are doing just fine.In the blog that follows, we will delve into the different kinds of email marketing audits that one can conduct and ways to go about executing them. Let’s get cracking!The Kinds of Email Marketing Audits That One Can ConductIn simple terms, an email marketing audit is a deep analysis of the various factors that contribute to the success of an email campaign so that you know what’s working and the areas that need to be tweaked.The following are some kinds of email audits that you can carry out; each of them focuses on different facets of the email.1. Email Content & Design Marketing Performance AuditOne of the most common kinds of audits, here you delve into your various KPIs (CTR, CTOR, etc.) to get a holistic understanding of the email campaign’s performance. The aspects that you need to look out for are:Subject line: Try to keep them personalized, crystal clear, non-sales, and within the range of 40-45 characters, optimized for mobile viewing. Please steer clear of spammy words such as “earn quick money” or basically anything that sounds too good to be true.Preheader text: It should be related to the subject line, albeit not repetitive.Header: First impressions are often long-lasting; cliched though that may sound, it does hold some weight. The header text next to your logo should be noticeable, clear, and in alignment with the brand ethos.Email copy: Grammatical errors and typos are a major turn-off. No wonder brands invest in the best copywriters to churn out good copy, even in the age of AI! Keep it crisp, clean and deliver maximum value in minimum words.CTA: The Call to Action buttons are the ones that can make or break the ROIs. Keep the design and text in tandem with the brand guidelines, easy to spot and click, devoid of broken links that lead nowhere!Graphics: When crafting an HTML or interactive email, ensure that the graphics render well across devices and the visual hierarchy is maintained.Conversions & Engagement rates: This is the litmus test of your email campaign. Are your emails good and engaging enough to keep subscribers interested, or are there more hits than misses? The KPIs should spill the beans on this one.2. Email accessibility auditWhen crafting your emails, if one overlooks the critical aspect of disability, you might fail to foster inclusivity with your campaigns, thereby risking losing the patronage of your subscribers. Keeping email accessibility in mind is absolutely essential, and is something that all email marketers should perpetually strive for.Ensure that there is no sensory overload for those with visual disabilities by keeping a simple and clean email layout.For those living with tactile difficulties, make the CTA buttons larger to ensure greater clickability and visibility across a range of devices.Remember to check for alt text in images to simplify things for users deploying the services of a screen reader.3. Deliverability AuditYou might have the best of Salesforce email templates (or Hubspot; whatever rocks your boat) and check all the above aspects, but if your email campaigns fail to reach the intended inboxes, all your efforts will end up in vain.To check for email deliverability issues, one needs to check the following aspects;Clean email list devoid of incorrect email idsEmail AuthenticationHTML code failuresDomain reputationBlocklistingSpam trapsIP address4. Compliance AuditThis would include checking the level of compliance of your email campaigns with the guidelines and requirements of CCPA, GDPR, PECR, etc.5. Email Code AuditHere, one would evaluate and carry out a code clean-up, fix bugs (if any), and ensure the incorporation of the best practices in email coding. One would also conduct tests to see how well the email renders across different email clients and devices.6. Design AuditIn this kind of audit, one would review the emails from the design and aesthetics viewpoint and check how consistent the layout is with the branding guidelines. The different elements one would generally bring under the lens in this kind of audit are checking for the right use of white spaces, design patterns in accordance with the heat map, fonts, logo, layout, graphics, etc.7. Automation AuditHere, one would check automated email campaigns to see if everything is in order, such as API triggers, templates, links, rules, customer journey maps, etc.One can either carry out all these audits or create a bespoke audit plan that includes permutations and combinations of the different kinds of audits mentioned above.Steps For Conducting The Perfect Email AuditNow that we are privy to the kinds of email audits that one can carry out, let’s move over to getting started with the process of what’s going well and what’s lacking in your current email campaigns.Firstly, you need to begin with drafting a clear set of goals. Much like in other areas of life, the lack of well-defined goals in sight can very well be akin to sailing in a rudderless ship, and frankly, no one wants to be aboard such a ship!You could begin by jotting down the kinds of audits you’d want to run on your existing campaigns and, based on the purpose of the audit, figure out your bespoke learnings and takeaways.Then, you’d like to create a list of measurable Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that you will be evaluating to check the health and effectiveness of your current campaign.These may include:Unsubscribe ratesOpen rates (albeit not a very effective one as per Apple’s Mail Privacy Protection feature unveiled in the WWDC conference held on 7 June 2021)CTR (Click Through Rates)CTOR (Click To Open Rate)Spam complaintsConversionsEmail client & device assessmentYou can create a spreadsheet to maintain a record of your audit. Here’s what you can document:Name of the email campaignDate deployed (not applicable in case of automated emails)Name of the audience segmentSubject lineSoft bounce rateHard bounce rateCTORCTRConversion rateUnsubscribe rateYou can modify the contents of the spreadsheet as per your unique requirements. One can also diversify the main spreadsheet by adding tabs for different kinds of emails, such as promotional, transactional emails, etc.Once you have your data in place, you can and should proceed with the data analysis. Begin with scanning all the metrics and specifically scrutinize those that fall on the extremities of the curve. The ones that did really well and the ones that missed the mark. Proceed with asking yourself the following questions,Are the subject lines and preheader texts enticing enough? Will I click on them if I receive them in my inbox?Is the visual hierarchy of the email in place, or does it look too cluttered?Does it offer a personalized experience to the subscriber?Does the email copy offer value to the reader, or does it appear too salesy?Does it cater to specific buyer personas and age demographic, or does it appear mass-produced with no specific target audience in mind?Is the cadence too annoying for the subscribers leading to higher unsubscribe requests?Are the CTAs visible, quirky, and enticing enough to get users to click on them?Are your emails accessible to users across the entire spectrum?Wrapping It UpWhile there are a number of tools available in the market to help you conduct email audits, and you can always request colleagues for a fresh eye perspective on your campaigns, if you’d rather have experts analyze the game for you, that’s possible too! Email Uplers will not only help you analyze your existing campaigns but also deliver interactive emails from scratch attuned to your specific needs. Do drop by for more information!Read Also:Should You Consider Outsourcing Your Brand’s Marketing Campaign?Your Ultimate Guide To Creating SMS Marketing CampaignsContent Marketing Campaign Strategy For Small Business