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21 September 2017



Why Not All Customers Are Subjects to “Always Right” Position

1909 is the year when one of the most famous phrases of all times ‘The customer is always right’ has appeared. The author, Harry Gordon Selfridge, founder and owner of a department store in London, used this phrase to argue customers into the point that they will be served like kings and employees of the store by the same token promised that they would do all they could to satisfy their customers.

Much water has flowed under the bridges since then, and perhaps it is time to throw discredit on this dictum. Today it is clear that such approach can lead to worse customer service. So if you are a business owner, and do not want to support this ‘customer’s right’ position then rejoice! You are not alone and economists tend to agree with you.

Here are some reasons to support this point of view :


1. Such approach harms the productivity of the staff

The way an employer treats his people is extremely important as thereon hangs their wish to put the best leg forward and bend every effort for company’s success. Many customers when paying for certain service decide that they have a right to abuse workers of the service. And taking their side in the conflict with your employees makes your people vulnerable.  Employees need to feel that they are protected and valued, so no tricky customer can spoil your relationship. Of course, one may say that such approach encourages lousy customer service, however, it turns out that if the employer always takes side of the customer, the repercussions are much worse than in the sound solving of the problem.

2. It over complicates work of the staff

Abusive people take this slogan to their advantage demanding additional service that employees should not provide. And due to this slogan workers try to satisfy excessive demands, for the most part neglecting needs of nicer costumers.

3. You can fire a customer, yes

There is no excuse to disrespect and rudeness towards employees of your business and no matter how much money such customer can bring to the company. So when the customer keeps complaining about your service but still uses it, feel free to fire him – save time and nerves, yours and your staff. There is no need to worry as long as your business offers high quality services –you will always have customers.

4. You get better results at work

Treat your people as you wish them to treat your customers. Satisfy all their needs and protect their rights and dignity. And that will motivate your employees to work harder and care about customers. Otherwise, you will show your staff that they are not important for the company and they have to tolerate disrespectful behavior from clients.

 5. If the customer is wrong, then your business is better off without him, honestly

There are situations when clients are definitely wrong, for example, when abusing others or infringing on their rights. Providing services to such buyers will result in the rundown of appropriate customers.

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A business report is an important document because it reveals specific information about the organization. Entrepreneurs write these reports with the aim of attracting investors to their organization. Business reports also keep employees aware of the goals of the organization as they strive to achieve them. As a student, you need to have a clear understanding of the operations of the real business environment. It beats logic to finish college yet you cannot write a business report. Remember you are preparing to work in the actual business environment. Therefore, you need to gain practical skills in addition to the theory that you learn in class. One of the critical practical sessions in college is to write business reports. Currently, most organizations are under pressure to enhance their reporting processes. As a student, you will be expected to undertake this responsibility once you get to the field. The information you provide has to be reliable and sufficient. Remember everyone will be looking for you to meet these requirements with a high level of precision. The best way out is to present your facts in the form of a business report. Most modern organizations rely on the finance department to assist in the decision-making process and offer critical support to the business. There is an increase in the demand for fast and transparent reporting and most finance practitioners aim towards minimizing the time they use in compiling data to provide high-quality information at a fast pace. However, they cannot meet this objective unless they have a deep understanding of the concept of business report writing. You need to gain these skills at the college level and then sharpen them once you go to the field.  Here are some of the benefits of writing business reports in college. Business Reports Provide Students with Deeper Insights : Business reports have an integral role to play when it comes to the active management of organizations. The management team uses them to track progress and attain organizational goals. Business reports can also help managers in controlling business expenditure and increasing revenue. Analysis of business reports will help both students and managers gain useful insights into the prevailing business trends. This knowledge ultimately helps business practitioners to put in place effective strategies that enhance the overall performance of the organization. Managers normally review the business reports and check for any abnormalities. Students need to have these insights from the onset for them to become better managers in the future. There is a definite format for writing business reports. Students should learn this before they get into the field. You have to understand the various sections of a business report and the information to include in each paragraph. As students write a business report, they get to understand the importance of this document to the management.  No one will have the time to teach you all this information while at work. It's important to write business reports in college so that you don’t struggle later in life. Reporting That is Aligned with the Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) of the Organization : It is meaningless to provide a report that is not aligned with the overall strategy of the entity. You cannot achieve this objective unless you practically engage in writing business reports in college. You should bore the KPIs in the mind during the reporting activity. The advantage of providing accurate business reports is that they offer decision support and assist incorporate strategies of the entity. These are some of the things that you need to learn in both practice and theory. Business reports that are aligned to the KPI’s of the organization help in the attainment of the organizational goals. There is no better way of learning these skills unless you do it practically. No wonder you will find most professors insisting that college students must write a business Help in Highlighting the Current Position of the Enterprise: Some business reports are crafted with the aim of highlighting a particular problem that the company has been going through. The reports should contain effective solutions that help in bringing the problem to an end. For instance, suppose an organization is planning to downsize, this decision will ultimately affect the employees. In this case, the business report has to state the position of the business and the reasons behind the downsizing. The report should suggest the strategies that the management team can adopt so that the downsizing does not have adverse effects on the employees. The best time to gain such skills is at the college level. Business Reports Help in the Adoption of the Right Marketing Strategy: Companies find business reports to be used when setting up their marketing strategies. If a company is targeting a particular section of consumers with the aim of entering a new market, it can give its report to an advertisement agency. The best time to learn to write such a business report is at college. The report will help the marketing agency to develop a successful and effective marketing strategy for the organization. Business Reports Assist in Decision Making: Finally, college students should learn the various approaches to making decisions. One of these techniques is writing business reports. An annual report can help investors, employees and customers get the true picture of the organization. The business report is a critical step in the decision-making process and college students should gain these skills. An accurate and high-quality report will help the organization to track its expenses, improve its operations and also set new goals. As you read the business report, you should be able to identify the bottlenecks and come up with the various strategies that you can use to eliminate them. In summary, business reports play a critical role in the day to day running of the organization. College students can’t gain these insights unless they learn how to write a professional business report online. Lecturers should give college students business report assignments from time to time so as to prepare them adequately for the job market. Read Also : Why Every Business Needs Digital Marketing Small Business Guide To Private Health Insurance Exchanges Get The Details On How Sferic Protect Can Benefit Your Business & Its Safety


Why Is Mentoring Important In Leadership?

You can become a great leader in overnight. Its needs experience, skills, persistence, and personal introspection. But, along with the skills, today’s leaders need one mentor. Mentoring is one of the most important and cost-effective tools which guides leaders throughout the business process. To avoid the pitfalls in the business, it is vital to take mentoring programs or to hire a mentor. Mentoring can build a healthy relationship between employees and shape the culture of the company. Why is Mentoring Important in Leadership: What Will the Mentor Do? A mentor is your professional who will work alongside you and help you in navigating in the twist and turns of your business path. Your mentor will help you in creating fruitful strategies that take your business to the next level. It helps you in understanding the key issues resolving them and minimizing risk. Leaders who enter the mentoring relationship will get many benefits. Some of the major benefits are listed below:  Let’s get review it. Gain Practical Advice: Today’s leaders look for practical advice and guidance to resolve internal business issues. To fill that need, it is advisable to attain mentoring programs. Mentoring daily may help leaders to take decisions practically not emotionally. It makes them clear about a decision without having a feeling of fear and regret. It is keen to help guide you in achieving long-term goals. Leaders can gain clarity, sharping communication skills as they navigate their most significant decision effortlessly. Becoming A More Effective Speaker: After making a decision, then you are charged with communication with the employee around you. Mentoring programs can also enhance your speaking skills and make you an effective communicator. Effective leadership is all about communicating. If you get failed in demonstrating strategies in front of your employees, it can create ambiguity and reduce your credibility. The best way to improve communication is to take the help of the mentor. He/she will offer you the essential tips to communicate more effectively. By planning small talk with you and rid of unnecessary conversation filters, learning body language, a mentor can make you an effective and fluent communicator. Nurturing Self-Confidence: Through the power of mentoring a leader can nurture his self-confidence. There are so many benefits that a mentor can bring in the leader’s life. But, nurturing self-confidence is the great one. A mentor can build self-confidence in you which helps you navigate twists and turns of your business path. Measure Knowledge Transfer: Mentoring is all about sharing knowledge with employees. If you know how to deliver the knowledge, you can effectively make your employees informative. A mentor will guide and help you in delivering learning and measuring knowledge transfer to the employees. To Conclude: With monitoring, you can determine the step you are going to take for your business is good or bad. With monitoring, you can easily observe yourself and your behavior towards your employees. If you want to achieve a clear target for success with greater confidence, then it is advisable to take a mentoring program. Your chances of success in business can be expanded by having the right mentor like Brian Paes Braga. Brian Paes-Braga serves as the President, Chief Executive Officer & Director at Lithium X Energy Corp. Read Also: 5 Key Leadership Skills For Entrepreneurs Leadership Qualities Help In Enhancing Visionary Transform