How to Create Your Own Android and iPhone WhatsApp Stickers


28 December 2023


Android and iPhone WhatsApp Stickers

With WhatsApp Stickers, you can communicate and express yourself on the messaging app in a whole new way. But what if you’d prefer to utilize the original sticker sets instead of the default ones? Here’s how to use your smartphone to create custom WhatsApp stickers.

The cross-platform, free WhatsApp sticker maker app is called Sticker Maker (Sticker Maker Studio on iOS). We’ll use it to demonstrate how simple it is to start your first sticker collection.

To create WhatsApp stickers using Sticker Maker, follow these steps:

Select the My stickers tab after opening the app. Next, choose to make a new sticker pack.

As the author, enter your name and give your pack a name.

After that, you can add stickers to the created pack by opening it.

To add your first sticker, click on any of the boxes numbered 1 through 30. To create stickers using your photos, choose Open Gallery and find the desired image in your library.

Next, you can decide which portions of the picture to turn into a sticker. For most images with a transparent background, Smart Select performs admirably.

If not, you should use the more accurate selection tools to the right or Select All.

Before selecting Save Sticker, text and a colored outline can be added.

The pack will now include the sticker. To increase the number of stickers in a pack, click the remaining boxes and repeat the process until you have 30 stickers.

To send the pack to WhatsApp after you’re done, choose Add to WhatsApp. Before you can add the pack in the free version, an advertisement will appear.

Emojis that correspond with a sticker can be changed via the menu that appears when you click on it. After that, you can use these emojis to look through your WhatsApp stickers. With personalized stickers, you can accomplish so much. They are incredibly simple to make and send, and they can liven up your WhatsApp exchanges and conversations. So, why do you hesitate? Now go ahead and make stickers out of your favorite memes and pictures, then share them with your friends.

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Canada Immigration

Top 5 Ways to Avoid Canada Immigration Consultancy Frauds

Immigrating to a different country is usually an engaging and exhausting process, and you need to employ the services of an immigration company. As if the process itself is not vigorous enough, you also need to choose from the tens of immigration companies available. If you are intending to move to Canada, you should be particularly on the lookout for unscrupulous individuals who are out to steal from you in the name of helping you move into the country.Many people have lost money and wasted valuable time and resources to fake Canada immigration consultants. That’s why you need to take these measures to avoid these scams and have a seamless and worthwhile experience while immigrating to Canada. 1. Look for Licensing and ICCRC Membership: One of the leading ways to spot a scam immigration company is that they will not be licensed. Only companies that are registered and have received a license to offer immigration consultancy services are legitimate.  Avoid consultancy firms that promise to be legit but have no valid license as proof of their authenticity. Additionally, you may want to check that the company is a member of the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC) and has a good record with the body. Firms that are not registered under this body or which have a bad record may end up letting you down in the end. 2. Stay Away from Sweet Deals: Most immigration fraudsters offer sweet deals that are meant to entice potential immigrants and encourage them to seek immigration services from their firms. For example, a company may promise faster processing of your immigration application, successful applications, and job offers with no interviews. All these promises are usually untrue and meant to scam you of your hard-earned cash. Only the Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) offices have the ability to determine application processing times, including whether it will be approved or rejected. Remember, you won’t be getting a job without attending an interview. Therefore, if anyone promises you these things, they are scammers. 3. Don’t Click on Phishing Emails: Canada immigration consultancy fraudsters have for a long time used phishing to con unsuspecting immigrants. You open your email and find mail from a consultancy company offering immigration services. Before getting all excited that you have found an immigration company without breaking a sweat, think twice. Most legitimate companies will not send you mail unless you subscribed to their mailing list. Whoever is emailing you is probably a con, and you should desist from replying to that email or providing any of your personal or bank info. 4. Do Online Research: The Internet is a goldmine of information, and it can save you from falling into the traps of unscrupulous Canada immigration consultants. There are various sites that allow you to research and find out whether an immigration consultancy firm is legitimate. You can also get online reviews of individuals who have used the services of these firms. Steer clear of firms that have been labeled as illegitimate. What’s more, avoid those that have low star ratings (below 3 stars) as the chances are that previous clients have had bad experiences with them.If you are deciding to move to Canada, you need to be aware of some of the civil and criminal law systems that operate there. For example, a fraud under $5000 is considered to be a small offense and is termed as usually a civil case. On the other hand, if you are guilty of committing a fraud over the $5000 mark, then the same can be classified as a criminal offense. Make sure you get a complete list of all official and legal rules and regulations from your immigration agency before you step into the country. 5.Get Recommendations: One of the sure ways to avoid being scammed is by getting recommendations from close friends, friends of friends, or family. Do you know someone who immigrated to Canada? If so, they can hook you up with the Canada immigration consultant who helped to process their application. Doing this helps you to get first-hand information on how the company is, their customer service, and reliability. Additionally, you can also learn what is required during the application process. Final Thoughts: Fraudsters are out to con Canada immigrants by making promises such as faster processing of applications, cheap deals, and even free jobs. Save yourself from these scams by observing the highlighted measures. Beware of companies that ask for an upfront payment that is not indicated on the IRCC website. If you aren’t sure about the legitimacy of a firm, check online, ask your friends, and look for valid ICCRC membership.Read Also:Follow These 5 Tips To Avoid Mistakes In Immigration Application Less Waste – Something You Can Do For The World


Video Production Companies In Barcelona

Video production in Barcelona, Spain, is among the most popular international video production projects. A video shoot is among the most popular video production jobs since it allows you to record amazing scenes in a video and incorporate them into a documentary for yourself. If you think that your passion for film production might include this, then you can consider taking video production in Barcelona. One of the main advantages of choosing video production in Barcelona as your next movie production location is the large selection of different filming locations that this city offers.  3 Top Places For Video Production In Barcelona Whether you are an entrepreneur, just a startup, or have a long history in business, you may benefit from video production services in Barcelona. With the internet growing every day, it is easier than ever before to reach a global audience. Businesses may need to find new ways to market themselves and increase their customer base. Whether you are considering creating a corporate video to promote a new product or using an SEO animation to explain how your business idea will benefit your clients, you may find that video production in Barcelona is right for you.Here are the top three best places to consider when looking for video production in Barcelona. 1.La RiojaThis is one of the oldest video production studios in all of Europe. Ovarian Studios is located in La Rioja, a few kilometers from Barcelona - this means that if you are planning to create corporate video production services using the services of Ovarian Studios, you won't have to travel very far. If your budget does not allow for production services, you may want to consider the services of a good videographer, sound engineer, and colorist. There are many options available when it comes to online video production in Barcelona. Online video and other video productions are a little bit different. Both of these two have different types of audiences. And La Rioja is the perfect place to find the best choices in the video production industry. 2.Spain's Costa Del SolMost of the other Ovarian Studios locations are located in Spain's Costa del Sol, on the northern coast of Cadiz (where it is also the capital), and also in Mallorca. Ovarian Studios has a long history, and they are known for being among the top video production companies in the world.If you are interested in video production in Barcelona and other Spanish cities, this is where you need to be. Video Production Barcelona provides professional video services and has created video tours for tourists and locals for the past thirty years.You can choose from tours to sights across the country and even the entire world! With years of experience, they have also created promotional video production services for corporations and other organizations. In addition to the video tour option, they also offer audio commentary, archival footage, and much more. 3.Ovarian StudiosAnother video production company you may want to consider when looking to expand your business is Ovarian Studios. They offer many options, including corporate video production, SEO animation, Barcelona explainer video, corporate videos, short films, and much more. There is a plan that fits any budget, and you can get all the services that you need from their team of professionals.You can find everything from short online videos with music to feature-length documentaries. You can also find web video production services in Spain for websites and blogs, including tutorials on SEO animation, online videos, advertising, events, and more.If you do your research, you can find an experienced video editor or colorist that works in Barcelona or the rest of Spain and can help you create the best video possible. Wrapping It Up: When you are in Barcelona, everything is in your hands, the incredible picture from the great footage. For the still and the video production, Barcelona video production companies are just exceptionally professional and reasonable. If you are going to think you have a smaller budget or a different kind of demand. Then we must say you will get multiple good options when searching in these three places.Read Also:FilmoraPro review Movavi Video Suite Review: A Comprehensive Tool to Create Videos How to use Video Animation on your Website

Taylor Swift Announced Release And Streaming Of “Eras Tour” Movie On Her Birthday

Taylor Swift Announced Release And Streaming Of “Eras Tour” Movie On Her Birthday!  

Swifties are the happiest people in the world right now! When Taylor Swift wrapped her concert tour in Brazil, she announced that her concert movie “The Eras Tour Concert” would be available for streaming on and after December 13th!It is her birthday on December 13th! The coolest marketing move, if there ever was one, is this. This year has been one of the biggest ones for Taylor Swift; from winning the title “Artist of the Year” by Apple Music to re-recording two of her previous albums, she is doing it all. Eras concert tour has set many records and become one of the biggest blockbusters, setting several box-office records! One of her most popular albums, 1989, which had several records, was re-recorded by her again, further adding to her achievements and success.Taylor has not only created a huge fan following worldwide but has also proved herself time and again to be intelligent, smart, and highly talented. She went on to announce that three songs, “Wildest Dreams,” “Long Live,” and “The Archer,” are added to the concert movie streaming for you at home.The beautiful American singer has also announced that the different countries across which the streaming will be available will also be announced soon! In her statement, she mentioned Canada, apart from the US, where people could stream her Era Concert movie. a master-level marketing strategy, Taylor has created another opportunity to earn from the content she did once while performing in the concert. Around the world, Swift had sold out stadiums, and people had paid for tickets.Then she released the concert movie across theaters, where people paid money to see her perform. Now, people will be paying for it again while steaming the performance while sitting in the confines of their home. The streaming platforms that will benefit from this development are Amazon Prime Video and Apple TV.So, people pay three times for the same content and are not complaining! What a move, Swift!Learn More About:Taylor Swift Postpones Rio Concert Following Fan’s Death: Safety Concerns This Is Why Taylor Swift Sends Kelly Clarkson Flowers After Every Re-Recording