New Technology in Business: 4 Inventions in 2019 That Are Changing the Game


14 March 2019


New Technology in Business

New technology has been changing business throughout history.

For instance, the invention of the printing press in the 15th Century had profound effects on the global economy and society overall. Mass production led to lower prices. Books and reading were no longer reserved for the rich and powerful.

The printing press enabled the exchange of information and reduced the class-divides that had been sustained through an uneducated, illiterate populace.

Of course, a modern-day equivalent would be the invention of the internet. But these are just 2 examples! Clearly, tech and business are often interconnected.

What are the latest inventions in tech that are influencing business around the world?

Keep reading to find out 4 pieces of game-changing new technology in business.

New Technology in Business: 4 Top Inventions:

Modern tech is changing the way business is run. Check out these 4 new inventions that are having a major impact.

1. The Internet of Things (IoT):

IoT is one of the hottest topics in tech right now.

It describes the interconnection of devices and everyday items through the internet. Think smart fridges ordering food whenever you’re running low.

Think calendars connected to self-driving cars, taking you automatically to your destination. Think kettles connected to alarm clocks, starting to boil shortly after you wake up.

The business opportunities are endless.

2. Conversation Intelligence:

Remember Wolf of Wall Street?

Jordan Belfort was a killer salesman who knew what to say to make a sale. He then took that insight and created a script for his employees to follow. Before long they were making sales with ease.

That’s the basis of conversation intelligence. You find what conversation works, then incorporate it into your sales pitch.

3. Artificial Intelligence (AI) Systems:

AI may seem like something from a dystopian future.

But it’s happening now. And the impact on business will be enormous.

Take customer markets, for example. Businesses will learn exactly what a consumer wants based on their previous decision making. Likewise, customer service can be done with a bot that can respond to customer needs and issues.

The business saves money and the consumer gets the answers they need, whenever they require it.

4. Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR):

VR and AR remain in their early stages.

But their impact on business will be huge. It’s already having an effect.

Marketing is one example. Take the tourist industry.

Potential customers can walk through the hotel they’re interested in; sit in their flight seats; or explore their local neighborhood attractions…all before deciding whether to actually go.

In truth, there are immense potential opportunities for AR and VR in business.

Time to Wrap Up:

There you have it: 4 pieces of new technology in business that are changing the world.

Throughout history, technological advances have impacted business and society. From the printing press to electricity, to the internet, and so on, tech developments have profound effects on life.

Modern tech is developing at a staggering rate. Time will tell exactly how current advancements will change things. However, thanks in part to the developments we’ve discussed above, the business world is sure to be a different place in the future.

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Human resource management is a complicated responsibility. It involves a bunch of different tasks, from payroll to management of employee benefits and much more.This is where human resource management software comes in, to streamline the tasks and make them easier to manage. Management of responsibilities creates a productive and happier work environment. They can significantly boost efficiency and performance in the workplace.However, finding the right HR reporting software is very important. It is best recommended to look for an all-in-one management software that helps you gather data, store it securely, yield reports, and help you analyze the HR performance too.Types of HR Systems and Software:There are all-in-one HR solutions and software but at the same time, you can get individual ones too. For instance, if you are looking for a separate HR staffing system, then you can easily get it too.Here are some of the most basic types of HR systems that you can come across:StaffingWorkforce managementDevelopmentOnboardingYou can also look for software that offers you all of these basic features, or solutions, within one platform.Now the question is; what should you be looking for when choosing the right software for your human resource department?Must-Have Features When Choosing an HR System:Remember that software or system must make the task easier and more efficient for you. It must improve your workplace efficiency. Thus, choosing the right one is important and requires your attention and time as well.Here are a few features that you must look for when choosing the right HR software for your company.1.  General Features:To begin with, the software must have all the basic HR features. From administration to self-service tools; you need to have a look at what the basic features are. Understand the functionality of these software and their purpose. This will help you choose the best one possible for your organization.2.  Compatibility:HR software must offer you solutions that are easy to project, throughout different devices. Whether you manage the software through a laptop, PC, or phone; it must work equally well. This is extremely important to pay attention to.The solutions must be accessible on all types of devices. Therefore, always check the compatibility options of the software before choosing a software.3. Employee Scheduling:The HR software must have employee scheduling. This can be extremely helpful in creating attendance modules and managing schedules. It further sets alerts and notifications that allow you to keep tabs on overtime and overall attendance.4. Compliance:No matter wherever you work, you have to attend to legal regulations and compliance. You must follow all the workplace legislations to fulfill the compliance standards.HR software usually comes with features that allow you to utilize data for compliance purposes. This further allows you to set notifications for whenever the regulations are not being met by the HR team. It helps you stay ahead in the competitive market.5. Payroll Integration:Managing payrolls can be hectic. But with HR software management, you can integrate time modules and attendance. This crafts a precise payroll cycle.CONCLUSION:HR software tools enhance the overall performance of the human resources team. With the passage of time, the need for this software has increased which has led to a huge number of HRM vendors in the market.Additionals:Importance of Flexibility with Business TechnologyNew Technology in Business: 4 Inventions in 2019 That Are Changing the GameInformation Technology and Business Success: The Things That Connect Them7 Ways A Software Development Company Can Help Mitigate Technology Risks In Business

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If you are a sassy gaming person, you already know just how costly it is to create a library of your favorite games. Games are something that takes you out from the real world to the virtual world where you can control everything. Thanks to sites like humble Bundle, games have become cheaper.No matter which games you are looking for, there is always a chance that you find a good deal on a humble bundle. Humble Bundle is one of the best websites to get tempting deals on new games.Recently, humble bumble has added the Nintendo switch to its catalog, further extending the library database. As a customer, you can even offer your price to buy the games on the Humble Bundle.Humble Bundle was not popular during its early years. It has just recently caught the public eye when it has started getting support from charities. Sites Like Humble Bundle in 2021Humble Bundle has become a one-stop shop for every gamer to buy video games. However, what will happen if the humble Bundle ceases to exist? Are there any humble bundle alternatives in the market? Sure there. This is the main motive to write this article. Here we have enumerated some of the best humble bundle alternatives. 1. Fanatical Fanatical is one of the UK-based game-selling retailers. The website comes with easy-to-use interphase, and top seller and most downloads categorize all the games. There are subcategories under the main menu categories with the latest releases, sales, and discounted games. You can even navigate the titles based on the operating system.Fanatical is not only famous for gaming deals, but it is also popular for offering low-cost software, ebooks, and programming courses. With more than 6000 games to choose from and more than 1000 publishers, fanatical can be considered Humble Bundle sites. 2. Epic Bundle The epic Bundle can be considered one of the sites like Humble Bundle. It offers interesting deals on software applications, programs, ebooks, and games. The highlight of this website is that it has offered every day. So if you want to get the best offer on your favorite games, you might as well start checking this website daily.The epic Bundle works on the same principle of the fanatical. It takes game info from the published games and offers its audiences at a lower price.  3. Indie Gala Indie Gala is a site like Humble Bundle. We like the most about this website because it is easy to navigate, and you can decide how much to give to charities and developers. The sole purpose of this website is to support small developers and indie studios.Generally, the prices of the games are lower than the original price. However, if you are buying six or more games at the same time, you can get a discount of 95%. It also holds events for giveaways.There are always some offers or another daily. So, you might visit websites daily to have a look at the discount. And if you are lucky enough, you can even get some games for free. 4. Groupees Groupees have similar features as the humble Bundle. This website is supported by charities and collects donations to support the developers of the games. It has a huge collection of ebooks, programs, software applications, and games. Groupees can be considered a humble bundle alternative.The games are available at a huge discounted price on this platform. You will even be able to see some of the count-down timers for the limited discounts. If you can grab this offer, you will surely be profitable. The best part of the Groupees is that they have their community to talk with people with the same interest as yours. 5. Green Man Gaming When searching for the alternatives for Humble Bundle, Green Man Gaming is just way ahead of its time. You can even say that it is more advanced than the Humble Bundle. The website looks appealing to the visitor to how the games are categorized. It makes it easy for users to navigate and locate their favorite games. However, this site has features that stand out. Instead of offering bundle gaming offers, it offers individual games at a reasonable price.This website has a gaming community where you can discuss the games with other people. You can write and share your thoughts on a particular game or even read reviews about a game you plan to buy. 6. Good Old Games (GOG) Good Old Games is not like the usual site that can be considered an alternative for the humble Bundle. Instead of selling activation keys of the games of other platforms, it has its products. All the products are in the DLC-free downloadable option.There are a variety of games that you can select from. If you have no games in your mind, then you can select from the top list. Apart from the games, GOG also sells other media related to gaming.  7. GamersGate If you are looking for sites like humble Bundle then you can surely not miss GamerGate. It can be the best humble bundle alternative out of all the websites on the list. This website mostly focuses on individual games rather than bundle games. The Best part of this website is that it has a huge collection ranging from old games to the latest releases.With more than 6000 games in its gaming library, it offers some of the best discounts. Some of the discounts can even go as high as 90%.GamersGate is a client-free platform, which means you do not have to download any third-party software application to access this website. Conclusion We hope that we were able to provide you with some of the best humble bundle alternatives. These alternatives offer the same deals that you could have hoped from the Humble Bundle. Charities support these sites; hence, you will find an option to donate to the developers for their hard work.We all know that gaming is the best way to kill boredom but do not get carried away with gaming. Make sure that your normal life is not hampered unless you are a professional gamer. 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Everything You Need To Know About Steam Valves

You cannot regulate steam and hot water vapor flow and pressure without using steam valves. Steam is employed in a variety of industrial processes.It is used to power turbines that generate energy, as well as to process food, chemicals, engine parts, and other products.Cleaning, humidification, and heating are all done with steam. Therefore, most applications necessitate regulation, and steam control valves play a crucial role in this. The most common use of valves with steam lowers the incoming steam pressure for process purposes.A state-of-the-art automated valve ensures maximum delivery and process efficiencies by adjusting steam pressure and flow. What Are The Type Of Valves Used In Steam Applications?Many various kinds of valves are accessible for use in steam operations. But each valve must meet the requirements of the specific application. For example, 3-piece ball isolation valves with PTFE coated stainless steel gaskets and seals.In a steam application, safe, high pressure steam valves are an essential component of equipment. These valves, also known as Pressure Relief Valves or PRVs, are created to be employed as a piping installation's safety element. These have a pre-set strength rating to protect all gear in the pressure line if the pressure exceeds the valve's maximum permitted pressure.It works by releasing pressure and enabling steam to flow out from the line by releasing its set. Conversely, it will manually seal and preserve the specified pressure if it falls below the set pressure. 6 Major Applications: The circulation of steam from the origin (boiler) to the point where it will be applied is controlled by valves. Steam valves are being used to regulate the steam discharge amount and hot water vapor in a system. Below are some prominent applications of steam valves: 1. Processing Food processing facilities, along with special refineries, chemical plants, etc., all have steam heating applications. Process fluid heat exchangers, reactors, combustion air preheaters,  reboilers, and other forms of heat transfer equipment employ saturated steam valves as a source of heat. 2. Power Steam valves are used to power turbines linked to generators in coal, nuclear, gas, and solar power plants. In these operations, both superheated and saturated steam is utilized. 3. Atomization For segregating the liquids, steam valves can also be used to pulverize a liquid. Breaking up gasoline into tiny droplets to increase combustion efficiency is one example. 4. Moisturization Steam can be used to provide water to an operation while also providing heat energy. 5. Cleaning When it comes to industrial or residential MAINTENANCE & REPAIR, steam can be used to wash a variety of surfaces. Steam valves sterilize food prep gear at a high temperature.Steam treatment has long been used to clean grease and debris from manufacturing machinery in readiness for maintenance or painting. 6. Heating Low-pressure saturated steam valves are the primary heat source providing indoor heating in many big commercial and industrial buildings.Existing plant steam can be used by HVAC units and air handlers effectively to humidify the airflow for interior shelter and convenience of goods and equipment. Additional notable steam valves applications include:    Steam forming engines for felt     Sterilizers with autoclaves facility     HVAC equipment     Fluid heat exchangers     Directing the sanitary heaters with steam injection     Ironers and press machines     Water treatment facilities available plants     Boilers & re-boilers     Keg cleaners     Commercial dishwashers     Power generating turbines4 Essential Specifications For Steam ValvesWhen choosing the right valves, many considerations must be taken into account. There must be concerns about the environment, connection, actuators, pressure, temperature,  and other service variables.After determining the right valve type and size depending on system pressure and flow requirements, valve bodies, actuators, connections, and component materials are chosen. Threaded, flanged, and compression-fit connections are used for steam valves. Aluminum, cast iron, bronze, steel, copper, brass, and stainless steel are all possible construction materials. Steam valve and actuation are accomplished using standard valve actuation techniques such as: A hand-operating system while wheel or crank is used to open or close manual equipment. Electric actuators are used in electric equipment. Electric and pneumatic valves are widely available, and they are activated by solenoids and air pressure. The opening and closing of a pneumatic valve are controlled by a pneumatic actuator or cylinder. A temperature difference in the treated media activates thermally actuated valves. When a predefined temperature is attained, pressure and temperature relief usually occur. 5 Types Of Valves Despite the fact that most examples of steam valves may regulate steam flow, steam has unique service requirements in terms of temperature and pressure.Here is a list of the most regularly used valves:Ball valves Globe valves Butterfly valves Gate or knife valves Diaphragm valvesConclusion If you're completely new to the world of steam valves, we hope the preceding guide will be helpful. Only if you have the proper knowledge can you choose the best product.But for selecting the correct valves for your use. You have to pick the products which are matching up your exact requirements. So which types of valves are your current requirement? Comment back to us and let us know your opinion about valves.Read Also:How Cutting Edge Technology is Helping Dubai Improve its Healthcare Services 10 Cool Technologies on Private Jets 5 Technologies Disrupting The Construction Industry How New POS Technology is Advancing Merchant Processing