What Can A Professional Sewer Line Camera Inspection Do For You?

Sewer cameras are heaven-sent for plumbers. As the name implies, the device helps plumbers inspect hard-to-reach plumbing lines underground without needing to dig.

It is a simple contraption consisting of a long, snake-like rod with a miniature camera attached to the end. The slinky design allows plumbers to navigate the camera into the pipes and lets them see if there’s damage or leaks in the pipelines without going underground themselves.

What Is Involved in a Sewer Camera Inspection?  

In the days of yore, inspecting a sewage system was no easy feat. Plumbers would have to get dirty and go underground themselves just to check if there’s anything amiss in the system. Sometimes, plumbers would have to do this several times to ensure they covered everything.

With the development of sewer cameras, sewage system inspections are done much more efficiently and conveniently. A sewer camera inspection can quickly identify any problems in your sewer pipes, eliminating any guesswork and allowing plumbers to identify and resolve minor plumbing problems before they worsen.

Types of Sewer Cameras

Types of Sewer Cameras

There are currently two types of sewer cameras, and both are listed below.

 1. Reel-Based  

This camera is equipped with a large-sized cable reel. Plumbers often use it when they inspect sewer and long drain pipes. The cable can be connected to a video recorder or a laptop through which the required pipe images are relayed.

 2. Hand-Held    

This sewer inspection camera is well-known for its portability. It is commonly used to check blocked drains in residential areas. Plumbers typically have this camera in their hands while they perform a sewage inspection. Since it is lightweight, plumbers can easily bring this camera around while they work.

Benefits of Using a Sewer Camera

Benefits of Using a Sewer Camera   

A Denver plumbing expert said a sewer camera inspection is the best way to find out what is happening beneath your house. Specifically, this modern plumbing device offers the following:

 1. Timely Repair

It is better to prevent plumbing issues than allow them to worsen and cause costly repairs later. A sewer camera inspection can help you achieve this. It can even be expanded so old plumbing fixtures can be included, and hidden issues can be detected.

2. Soil Assessment

One common problem in any plumbing system is a broken or leaking sewer line, which could be due to soil movement, as it can cause pipes to move and crack. A sewer camera inspection can help you determine this and fix the problem in no time.

3. Quick and Accurate Diagnostics  

Sewer cameras relay the images back to the overground monitor in real time. It means it will be a lot quicker than traditional inspection methods, where a plumber would have to get down literally and dirty. Diagnostic mistakes are also cut down to a minimum because plumbers can check several times just to make sure they have made the correct findings.

4. Lawn Protection    

Before sewer cameras, the only way to locate a crack in your water pipes was to dig a large hole through your lawn. Digging can cause damage to your grass, shrubs, plants, and trees.

As mentioned earlier, sewer cameras require no digging. This saves you money and time, but more importantly, you get to keep the beauty of your lawn.

5. Quick Clog Identification

The typical sewer camera can detect all kinds of blockages and identify the source. If the clog cannot be found in the drain area, it is usually located in a deeper part of the pipelines. Sewer cameras make it easier and faster for plumbers to locate the problem, even if it’s deeper underground.

6. No Permits

Previously, plumbers had to secure a permit before they could dig in your yard. These days, they can just use the sewer camera to see right through your pipes and identify the problem.

7. Better Property Appraisal    

A plumbing inspection is not necessary to determine a property’s value. However, it can help you better understand its true worth. Sewer camera inspections can help you identify potential plumbing problems and make any necessary repairs. A property with no plumbing problems can attract more potential buyers and increase the market value of your property.

8. Retrieve Lost Valuables

Although this can be considered a bonus, a sewer camera can locate valuables, such as an earring or a necklace that was accidentally flushed down the drain. If the plumber finds anything of value in your pipelines during an inspection, you can ask them to retrieve the item for you.

9. Future Problem Prevention  

Old plumbing pipes can cause irreparable damage to your walls and even your basement. This often remains unnoticeable until it is too late. A plumbing camera can perform a quick inspection of your home, identify a problem, and you can have it fixed before it becomes serious.

Key Takeaway  

Modern technology has enabled man to create many advanced equipment and devices. The sewer camera is a prime example since it has become invaluable in the plumbing industry, making underground sewage inspections much faster and easier.

A broken underground pipe that could only be reached through a dug hole in your yard can now be analyzed through a remote monitor.

This allows for a faster and better resolution of many plumbing problems and inspires many homeowners to contact a plumber when they need help with their plumbing.



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