Questions To Ask When Working With A Web Developer


I’ve been a web developer for 5 years now. There’s quite the learning curve with web design, even AFTER school. You have to deal with customers, you have to manage expectations and deadlines, you have to manage your billing and finances, all of which were not included in the code and design classes that I took. This is just the business side of things, as you can probably tell I’m a little taken aback by it all. But then there’s the coding aspect of the business.

The coding side of things is where I really excel. I love being a web designer. Making websites look and perform great has really turned into a passion of mine. But I’ve noticed that a lot of developers out there struggle with a lot of aspects of being a professional web designer. Let’s face it, a lot of developers produce work that is not up to par. Either they have designs that are super basic and lame, or the websites are not made to meet your goals and help your business. any of these issues could be bad for a new business that will be relying on their website for leads or a professional presence.

I’ve outlined the following questions to help you better understand what you should be looking for when you are going to work with a web development company or freelancer. As a business owner, It is important that you ask these questions before you pay someone for their services.

1. Do you have live examples I can see?

I  am amazed at how most people either have a problem they need solved or they have an expectation or design in mind, but they never ask to see examples. Everyone’s idea of “great” is different. It’s important to see examples of their work and judge if they would be a good fit for you. If there are concerns, asking the developer questions is a good way to address them.

2. Do you have a degree in web development? When? How do you stay up to date

This is an important question, and just as important is asking them when they did if they did. There are a few great selves taught web developers out there, who learned from non-traditional means. The most important information that this question will give you is in the third part. Web development is not a static skill set. It changes fast and often, and someone who has incorporated constant learning about their field into their work or life routine will improve your odds of getting some of the best developers.

3. What kind of web development do you focus on?

This can mean a ton of things. But, if you explain your needs, like a high converting website, for example, the right developer for you will already have a few live examples to show you. “yea, I can do that” is not the right answer, the process and skill set for focusing on conversions need to be already developed, as well as deployed, tested, and documented.

I hope this will help when you’re choosing a web design and development professional to work with. This is a great start towards making sure you get the quality of work you desire and need, as well as getting your website and business goals met.

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When it comes to presentations, you have to capture your audience from the get-go. This means creating a great impression within the few seconds that you’re in front of your audience.However, if you want your presentation to really shine, it’s not enough that your first slide has the “wow” factor. You have to sustain your audience’s interest throughout the rest of your deck. And this is why your presentation should have the perfect balance of information and good design.Many presentation pros would swear by free PowerPoint templates from none other than, as the name implies, Free PowerPoint Templates (FPPT). Free Templates for Any Topic and Purpose With free presentation templates and backgrounds by, you can cut in half the time it takes to create slideshows. Furthermore, because it’s free, you don’t need to pay anything to get high-quality designs for your presentations.This said, you can save time and money, especially when compared to creating presentations from scratch, or paying a professional to create a design for you.Another thing great about FPPT templates is that you don’t also need to sign up for a subscription or membership to be able to download an unlimited number of slideshow templates. No obligations and no hidden fees.Furthermore, just because it’s free doesn’t mean it’s limited. There are many ways that you can modify and customize your template to match your topic and to make it truly yours. Fully Customizable Templates for PowerPoint All the FPPT templates are customizable so you can give it your branding and personal spin. The templates are made for PowerPoint so you don’t need to download a separate app to modify the template’s design. The Master View can allow you to change the layout and color scheme as well as the theme of your slides. PowerPoint’s Design feature also works seamlessly with the templates for more dynamic looking slides.To find the best template that suits your purpose or topic, you may go over the vast collection within the FPPT portal. It contains over 10,000 slideshow templates, specialized slides, and slide backgrounds. You will always find anything that you need.You may look for your desired template according to Categories. FPPT has hundreds of categories to carefully organize the templates. You may also search for templates according to the most popular tags or keywords. If you’re looking for a specific color scheme, there is also an option to choose templates according to the slideshow’s most predominant background colors. You can also simply type in your keyword in the search box.However you choose, you will see that the portal gives many results so you can choose the best one for your needs. The Presentation Portal Trusted by the Pros Aside from thousands of templates, FPPT is also filled with numerous resources about presentations. The blog has some of the most trusted advice and tips for newbies and professional presenters alike to help them become the best in their presentations.By using free templates by FPPT, you can create awesome, professional-looking slides in half the time so you can focus more on rehearsing, gathering data, or preparing your event. This will also allow you to be more confident once you’re in front of your audience. And, as we all know, confidence on stage can be felt by your audience, resulting in a better presentation overall.Get your free PowerPoint templates at A Key Resource for Versatile PowerPoint Templates Bootstrap Templates and Allied Tools to Make Your Web Presence Easy and Instant

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The Utility of OCR Tools (Optical Character Recognition) in Soda PDF

OCR (Optical Character Recognition) is a technique that is used to convert the text written on the images of scanned documents, subtitles in a TV broadcast, printed text, invoices, passports, etc. Soda PDF us this technique to helps its users edit the contents written in an image of anything. OCR Module Tools in Soda PDF : As we click on the OCR (Optical Character Recognition) module in the soda pdf document, a bunch of tools available in this section will appear on the screen that can help the user in editing the text present in the image.OCR (Optical Character Recognition) does only one thing at the start, and that is the scanning of the image. After scanning it head towards the editing of the image text portion. All the tools given in this module determine how the OCR engine is going to interact with your document. Auto and Manual Feature : The auto and manual feature are very useful for the users of Soda PDF. Once these options select any image in the document, that image lights up and become accessible. This feature works only with the individual image at one time.The selection of the auto option, helps us see that it will scan the image right away and makes the image editable without making any changes in the rest of the document. The manual feature will also do the same thing as the auto feature do, but the only thing you must decide is the part of the image that OCR will have to scan for you and what parts it ignores. Page Range and Entire Document : The page range and the entire document feature will scan the entire pages of your document. It will then create for you a new PDF of the recognized portions of your PDF so that your original document stays intact.With the page range feature, you can pick any page range and scan it, or you can simply click on the option of the entire document to make a brand-new PDF for you of the whole document right away. Batch : Using the Batch feature, you can apply OCR to multiple PDF’s, and when they open up in Soda PDF, you can edit them right away. From External Image : You can also create a PDF directly from an external image ready to be edited using the From External Image to browse your computer and chose one. Scan and Recognize : If you want to use your scanner, you can click on Scan and Recognize option of OCR in your Soda PDF document. This option will create a PDF out of the scanned page. It makes it ready to use immediately and save some of your time.what OCR (Optical Character Recognition) in Soda PDF does is that it not only helps you edit the entire image but also makes the text in that image editable for you. This is a very simple, yet a useful application of Soda PDF.Read Also :WordPress Developer: Job Profile And Key Responsibilities How Can Developers Get More Out Of Hadoop? Coming Soon: A New Tech Challenge For Lenders – UMDP Data Standardization To Aid 

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Bootstrap Templates and Allied Tools to Make Your Web Presence Easy and Instant

It is no secret among online business marketers and website builders that the Bootstrap templates and themes could be their first option in terms of building a web presence. There are many reasons why people tend to use handy Bootstrap templates as:Primarily, most of the designers tend to use this as boilerplate. Bootstrap is out there with us for long, and people are so familiar with it. Many find it much riskier to switch to other options unknown to them. Bootstrap is time-tested, and it also found to be valid. It is a tool, which is time-tested and can also pave a strong foundation for websites. An endless collection of classic Bootstrap templates now helps you construct any type of website you want. It also has high flexibility and rich features, so irrespective of a regular blog or portfolio site, you can get it all here. The community around Bootstrap is so immense and extensive. This constantly expanding expert community will give you plenty of choices and unrelenting support for any issues. Most importantly, Bootstrap is a freemium product and also boasts of its high quality. You will come across countless free templates of Bootstrap, which won’t disappoint you at all. All these could act as a quick fix to your web development problems from time to time. In addition, they will also give you the apt solutions on which you can build safely.Some important things you need to know about Bootstrap 4 themes As we have already seen, Bootstrap is a very powerful but freemium CSS framework with an impressive selection of jQuery plugins, components, layouts, and UI/UX elements. The primary thing about Bootstrap is that it can be availed for free by the users. Now, the extreme popularity of Bootstrap has also urged web developers and designers from across the globe to land on this platform and uses it as a top choice in their projects.If you are also planning to use framework or workflow tools in your web projects, one should always make a note about the updated version of Bootstrap. The latest update is Bootstrap 4, which comes with a custom set of tools and features for the users to benefit from. The new version Bootstrap will certainly help the developers to create business websites flawlessly with ease. A few key things to remember while using Bootstrap You should know that there are different types of Bootstrap 4 themes and templates available out there, both official and third party. So, if you consider using one, always make sure that you do a thorough baseline analysis to identify the best theme for your purpose. In fact, with an abundance of choices, it will always be difficult for a customer to feel overwhelmed about the choice and get confused. This will be more so in case of the beginners who don't have an idea about how to make use of the best Bootstrap 4 template for their purpose. If you are among one of those amateurs who are confused about Bootstrap 4 templates, here we will discuss a few handy things which will help you out in making the right choice. When to consider using a Bootstrap template? The ones who are into website design or the developers who are applying the CSS, as well as a markup of Bootstrap, would have some basic default designs handy. Many don't want to customize Bootstrap, which also isn't ideal as it will make your site look similar to many others out there. So, the best move is to take any of the Bootstrap templates which are useful for you and then customize it to match your needs as well as to look unique.When it comes to choosing a default template, the design may not seem to be very appealing because the providers tend to make those pretty simple with some basic features embedded. So, to bring a professional look to the website, you should try to work further on it and customize it. For this, designers need to pay attention to the CSS framework to make the end product more stylish. There are many tools to help you customize the Bootstrap templates. Tools to customize Bootstrap themes It is so easy to create Bootstrap templates and themes, but it may be confusing if you don't use the right tools. In the case of beginners, it could be somewhat difficult until they get a good grip on it through practice. Adding to it, they also need to pay close attention to the fine details to set things right, which is time-consuming. Fortunately, many tools are there to help these novice Bootstrap web builders to create customized Bootstrap templates quickly and easily. Let's explore some such tools. Sublime TextThis tool has a fair number of features to help web development. On using this tool, you can get quick access to many quick windows for the project code. Adding to it, you can also see the codes which you have written on the panel. AnvilThe same group of developers had developed both Anil and Hammer, and you use both these tools independently. Anvil could work the best for the localhost servers, which could further let you preview the themes and choose the best for your purpose. HammerAs we said above, Hammer could be used in combination with Anvil or independently. It is a Mac-based development tool that comes with a handful of features to develop Bootstrap themes and static sites. With this tool, you can ensure that you make use of various HTML in the standard templates for further customization. Hammer could also be used to compile the languages like CoffeeScript, SASS, JavaScript, Markdown into CSS, and HTML, etc. SASSIf you are planning to create a template of design a full-fledged website, then you may know that the Bootstrap 4 framework is built primarily on the SASS (Syntactically Awesome Style Sheets). In simpler terms, SASS is a wonderful scripting language that could be interpreted to CSS. You should also note that SASS is a scripting language used in almost every case.There are many other tools too to be used for customization of Bootstrap as Grunt, Harp, Bootply,, Bootstrap Starter Kit, etc. which could be handy for the developers and designers. All this help to pay attention to the crucial elements of Bootstrap customization and help you build the most relevant and user-friendly websites.Read Also:Adrian Rubin Tells How To Bootstrap Business In The Photography Niche Major Financial Problems That Can Affect A New Business