Why is sleeping well so important for job performance?

Published on: 28 November 2017 Last Updated on: 17 August 2019
between memory and sleep

You probably do not need anyone to tell you how important sleep is. If you have ever been kept awake by a crying baby, night after night; or you have crammed for exams until the early hours, for days on end, you know about the effects lack of sleep can have. If you do not get enough good quality sleep, you can end up looking pale and wrinkled. You can also be irritable and lacking in patience.

Obviously, this is not an ideal situation to be in. But, it gets worse when you consider the detrimental effect that sleep deprivation can have on your performance in work.

The basic effects of being over tired

The basic effects of not sleeping as much as you should, or of having your sleep interrupted, are obvious. You lose the ability to focus properly and surroundings and events become fuzzy. You may fall asleep behind your desk or at a meeting. You are also more likely to struggle to concentrate, making mistakes more likely.

The link between memory and sleep

Although there is some dispute in the matter, many experts believe that your memory is set when you sleep. You learn information one day, it sets in your memory overnight, and you are able to recall it the following day. There is some evidence that if this process is interrupted by lack of sleep, your memory can be adversely affected. This is not something you want to happen if you are learning a new job, or you need to make an important speech at a business conference.

How to improve your sleep pattern

The good news is that there are ways in which you can start to increase the amount of good quality sleep that you get.

  • Do not work or watch TV in bed; stick to sleeping.
  • Make sure you sleep on the right mattress, such as a Lull mattress; read an in-depth review here.
  • Try to go to sleep, and wake-up, at the same time each day.
  • Switch off electrical devices when you are in bed so that you are not adversely affected by blue light.
  • Sleep in a room which is as dark as possible.
  • Relax for a couple of hours before you go to bed.

Adopting any, or all, of these ideas, can help you get the sleep you need in order to perform well at your job.

The benefits you get from sleeping well

We have shown you how to improve the quantity and quality of sleep. But, how does doing so help improve the way you perform at work? Here are some improvements which are likely to happen.

  • Full awareness and participation at meetings.
  • Less chance of errors occurring.
  • Improved productivity because you are able to concentrate.
  • Better working relationships as you are less likely to be irritable.

All of these improvements are likely to lead to an overall improvement in your job performance.

If you are continuously tired, you are not going to perform as well as you can, at work. This is why it’s so important to consider the tips we have given you, and make changes to your daily routine that enable you to get the right amount of good quality sleep each night.

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You’ve had success with your applicant tracking system and the new hires are getting settled in. They seem to fit in well and are enjoying their jobs. Everything seems like a hiring manager’s dream. This is great! Now, how do we make sure they stay happy and comfortable? Everyone is rooting for them to be long tenured employees and here’s a few tips to make sure that happens. 5 Tips For Employee Retention For Any Organization Employee retention is a pretty effective process. Hence, if you invest an immense amount of money for your employee training purposes, some of the trained employees are starting to leave your company every year. Therefore, your organization is undoubtedly going to hit the challenging part. This is why you have to be conscious and take the step to retain your employees for your organization every time. How to do it? Read through the five tips and know-how to retain your employees. 1.Development People new to the workforce especially, as well as those more tenured, want to know what their future looks like. Many in the workforce see the best way to climb the ladder is to leave companies after a few years. Making an active effort to promote internally will help keep employees as well help with luring new candidates when they learn your company is known for development. 2.Competitive Pay For Employee Retention While many of us love what we do, most people enter the fields they do because they see it as the best way for them to have the comforts they need in life. It sounds obvious to some, but worth saying that a lot of people working don’t feel valued by the pay they receive. Not feeling valued, through lack of compensation, is a major reason as to why people are going to take an offer if it’s presented to them. They might not start looking because of it, but when presented with it, who can blame them for taking a new opportunity to better themselves and their families? Ensuring you are competitive within the market is one of the best ways to keep the talent you have for years to come. 3.An Inclusive Environment Everyone wants to feel safe and comfortable at work. This is something to keep in mind at every stage of employment. It should start with fair hiring practices and continue throughout an employee’s tenure. There are many ways to make for a more inclusive environment and it starts by embracing different backgrounds, opinions, and life experiences. Moreover, you must consider the role of wrongful termination lawyers in case your management fails to follow the rules and policies regarding employee termination. 4.Retention Surveys This is a great way to make sure everyone is happy in their positions, and as a way to catch something before it results in someone leaving. These can be run internally or a 3rd party company can provide the service. Either route can be right, it would all depend on what your business structure looks like. We are all human and things can slip through the cracks; it’s understandable. A way to minimize that is data provided from surveys. Regardless if the survey is conducted internally or externally it can be tailored to what you think might be pressing issues at your company. Also, make sure to allow for open ended feedback in case something is important to a team member that you innocently might not have thought to ask about. What better way to show employees to care than giving them an opportunity to speak freely? 5.Perks Another way to make sure employees are staying is to offer them something they aren’t likely to get elsewhere. This can vary greatly depending on what kind of service your company provides and what the physical space of your office is. For example, an in-house gym is a popular perk but not possible in every office space. It might also be worth considering offering the service or product you sell to employees at a discount. If that’s also not feasible, consider something like paying employees’ cell phone plans, especially if they use their phones for work, as a way to show your appreciation as their employer. Conclusion: The employee is an asset to the organization. So when you are having the goal to build a stable organization these five tips of employee retention are going to sort out your issues within seconds. Apply these tips and maintain stable growth with family-like organization members. Read Also: Best Paying Jobs In Energy Is Technology A Good Career Path Is Telecommunications Equipment A Good Career Path

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4 Key Etiquette Tips on How to Ask for Career Advice

It is common to ask for professional career advice in the modern job market. Many job seekers want to improve their positions during the job search. No matter what kind of work you are looking for: an online job, a startup, or a role in the writing business. Besides, many mentors want to share their earned experience and help applicants grow professionally. Such a request for help does not have any specific format. You may ask any kind of mentor: a hiring manager, a career advice expert, or just a professional with a rich Linkedin profile. When choosing a career advisor, do not limit yourself to a single option. Do not be afraid to ask as many people as you can reach. Besides, you may ask for advice from people from parallel industries. You may get unexpected insights about how your career field works and what goals you may approach. Several guidelines will help you politely ask required questions to your mentor for help and receive a positive answer. 4 Tips For Career Advice 1.  Do Home Research Before asking a mentor for help, you need to make necessary preparations. One of the best ways to receive adequate consultation is to attach your resume to the introduction email. It will help your mentor understand what you are capable of and what kind of advice they can provide. You deserve a well-crafted resume, so contact ResumeService 24 to get satisfying results. This resume will not only help you attract your advisor's attention but also pass ATS bots. Modern resume-scanning software filters applicants according to certain criteria. Therefore, top professional resume writing services will help you match all your knowledge and experiences in an appropriate format. This bot-beating resume will aid you more than once in your career.  Besides the resume, you will need to research the field you are going to ask for a bit of advice. A correctly formulated question is half of the answer. You need to know precisely what you are asking for and what you cannot find. You may consult with hiring managers or with people on career resources. Such clarification will help you to ask the question correctly. Another research that you should do is about your possible mentor. Visit their Linkedin profile, and learn the area of their expertise. The more you know about your future mentor, the more you will get in a minimum amount of time. Preliminary research will save you and your mentor a lot of time. 2.  Do Not Be Afraid Asking for a piece of career advice may sound intimidating for some people. Taking someone’s time for your benefit and approaching high-rank professionals with this request may seem impolite. Remember that professional consultation is a common practice. Many people are ready to provide such advice. If you approach such a request politely and strictly to the point, you will receive immeasurable help. Competition in the modern job market is intense. You need any kind of help you can get. Job seekers who have gathered more information first-hand have an advantage over regular applicants. 3.  Contact Via Email E-mail is one of the most popular means of contacting a career advice expert. Your email should be short but informative. Here your resume will be in handy. In your mail, briefly introduce yourself, state your question and provide the necessary information. It may include:  Your experiences.A cover letter. Relevant accomplishments. Try to mention only important elements. You need to compress your correspondence into a page at max. People who deal with work email will likely answer a short e-mail than a lengthy essay. At the end of the letter, state how you will follow up and how you plan to stay in touch. Finally, proofread and edit your message. Sending a poor-written letter will not make a good impression. You may resolve your question with e-mail correspondence or set a personal meeting. 4.  Personal Meeting Try to accommodate your mentor's schedule when you plan a personal meeting. You need to help them to help you. Choose a fitting date and suggest an audience. You want to keep it short. If you ask for twenty minutes, you will arrange a consultation more luckily. During the meeting, do not spend time on small talk. You have gathered to discuss business, and you should not take more time than necessary. Naturally, we do not exclude general politeness but try to keep the conversation in one direction. It would be nice to ask what you can do for your mentor afterward. Usually, professionals help you invest in your career without expecting something in return. Yet, it would be polite to offer your service or help to your advisor. Finally, do not forget to thank your career advisor. A short follow-up letter will be a proper courtesy from your side. Also, follow-up letters are a good communication point to continue your professional relationship. Final Tips Do not be discouraged if you do not get the professional help you want. Or if you received a decline to your request. It does not mean that you were impolite or violated any rules. There are many factors that you cannot control during career research. Therefore, try to acquire as much professional help as you can. Ask for help from different people and diverse resources. The more you practice receiving career advice, the more versed you will become in professional communication. 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Part Time Job To Consider In Singapore During Covid-19

Are you employed and looking for a part time job to earn extra cash, or have you lost your job and looking for ways to get back up? Well, if you are in either of these situations, a part time job can be an option for you to earn extra cash to sustain these economic hard times. For the past one and half years, the world economy has faced so many uncertainties; millions of people lost their jobs in Singapore and across the globe regardless of the nation's economic prowess. As the world continues to mend the economic damages brought by Covid-19, we need to be part of the solution. 3 Types Of Part Time Jobs In Singapore During Covid-19 A part time job can help you sustain a kind of lifestyle you ever dreamed of, or if you are jobless, it can sustain your bills and as you go hunting for your dream job. In Singapore, there are several part time jobs you can do. Below is a list of jobs that you can take and earn a remuneration of approximately $2000 or more. 1. Deliver Personnel/Rider The Delivery job doesn't have specific time thus flexibility. This is probably the best part time job you can do in Singapore. You can spend your free time delivering goods such as food, special commodities like medicine to the needy population of the society. Due to movement restrictions, the number of people requesting delivery of goods to their doorsteps has increased, thus a perfect opportunity to earn that extra cash you need to boost your day-to-day living. The pandemic indeed dismantled many industries, but the transport and the logistic sector is currently thriving; thus, you can be part of this incredible revolution. The surge for deliveries means more and more people are required; therefore, giving it a shot won't hurt you. 2. Social Distance Ambassador There is nothing good like caring for your fellow countrymen. Sometimes people tend to listen to what they see rather than being told through the media. Social distance is a perfect part time job you can do for a few hours but will have a massive impact on the nation. If you can go and educate people on the importance of social distance and follow WHO's guidelines, you would have helped yourself, the government, and the people you are educating while earning something. For instance, you will help reduce the spread of the virus as the world struggles to get rid of it. The good thing about this job is that you need no CV to be part of it. You only need exceptional communication skills, fluency in English and your mother tongue, and you are all good to go. On top of this, you need to be charismatic because people need someone proud of what they are doing, and by blending with them, the CCB message will be delivered flawlessly. As you interact with people, you also develop some crucial communication skills that will go a long way in shaping your personality and meeting new people. Trust me; you will never know where you will get your dream job. 3.Health Screener And Temperature Checker Have you dreamed of becoming a healthcare provider, or do you admire health related jobs? Well, this one will excite you even more if you rate this profession. A million miles' journey starts with a single step. If you can take this journey, I am pretty sure you will learn medical related terminologies and practices, you will learn that might open more doors in this profitable and reputable career. You can do this job once you have finished your day job and still make an extra coin instead of spending your whole afternoon watching movies. The damage caused by covid-19 requires hard work and smartness to go back to before this deadly disease. Conclusion  There is no doubt that many part time jobs are affected by the pandemic, but the good news is that there are still some jobs one can do on a part-time basis, and the three jobs we have talked about are perfect examples you can get without any struggle or Cv. Read More: 6 Affordable Online Courses You Should Take Easy Ways To Make Free Money Without Doing Much Top 7 Reasons the Medical Field Will Always Be In Demand How To Increase Your Chances Of Getting Hired During A Pandemic