The Selfie Culture: Should we be worried?


09 May 2016


Selfie trend is spreading everywhere in teenagers and teenagers. If you visit Facebook or Instagrams you can see many selfies posted by teens. It is very rare that you scroll on Facebook or any social media site, and you do not find any selfie posted by teenagers. Research shows that 91% of teenagers daily post their selfies on Facebook. Selfie has become a harmless habit of teens. Selfie is not dangerous in actual, but it could be harmful in many ways. Parents should ask their children to avoid this habit of always taking selfies. Inform them about the risks they can face.

Selfies and Self-Esteem

Many teenagers think that before the trend of selfies they were extremely camera-shy. But now they feel confident while taking selfies as well as in normal life they are confident, but this is just the thought of teens. In actual, the craze of taking selfies is a reason for the development of poor self-esteem. A survey has been made which shows that 65% of teenagers think that selfies are a way of increasing self-confidence, 40% of them believe that social media is a good way to share pictures with others in this way, they can show their beauty to others while 53% believe that if their photos are posted by someone else, it makes them feel bad.

On the other hand, American plastic surgeons declared that more patients are visiting them for surgery because they think their face does not look good while taking selfies. They are not happy with their pictures on social media sites. There is a story of a UK teen which shows you how bad is selfie habit? He left the school and stayed at home for six months and spends 10 or more hours in selfie-taking. In the end, he attempted suicide due to over craze of a selfie. Now you can understand how selfies hurt teen’s self-esteem.

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Selfies and Your Online Reputation

As some activities on the internet or social media sites can be dangerous for your children and selfie is one of them. Teens post and share their selfies on Facebook or any social site with their friends. This can have a harmful impact on their reputation if their friends give bad comments on their selfies it may also hurt their relationships. Teens focus on online reputation more than the real world, if someone hurt their reputation they may get emotional and can take wrong steps. So, sharing selfie can be very harmful.

Selfie Safety Tips:

Parents should discuss with their children that too much enthusiasm for selfie-taking is not okay. Also, the comments of people on their pictures should not be related to their reputation. Make sure that your child is using all the security settings in their social accounts. Explain to them that they should take care of their personal things and do not share selfies with strangers or person to whom they cannot believe. Only post those selfies on social media on which they feel comfortable.

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CBD Lotions

Are CBD Lotions Good For Your Skin?

Could Try Out The Latest Health Craze Benefit You?The rise of CBD products as a helpful remedy for everything that ails you has caught the attention of almost everyone. This “miracle” product seemingly does it all, and now, it comes in different forms: oils, tinctures, body bars, and even lotion. But does CBD even really help? Let’s take a look at whether CBD products, especially lotions, are good for you and your skin. Vocabulary to Know: Cannabidiol CBD is short for Cannabidiol, a naturally occurring component of the cannabis plant. CBD is the non-intoxicating part of the plant, so it doesn’t make you feel high like THC does. Instead, it is said to have calming effects that can help with pain relief, insomnia, and more.So far, scientists know that CBD is safe and non-addictive, and several medical studies have even shown that CBD products can have lots of medical benefits. What CBD Can Do Taking CBD as a natural supplement to pharmaceuticals is much more common this year than in years past. As more and more people discover how using CBD products can benefit them, they’re sharing their experiences with their friends and family. So far, CBD has been medically proven or suggested to help with:Autoimmune diseases Neurological conditions Metabolic syndromes Neuropsychiatric illness Digestive disorders Cardiovascular dysfunction Skin diseaseShould I Use CBD Lotion? The big question people ask is whether CBD lotion is good for their skin. There are so many social media influencers who insist that the products they (are paid to) use are the best, and anything else could disfigure your face. You know that this is dramatic and untrue, but using new products still can be worrisome, for good reason.CBD lotion is actually one of the most commonly recognized forms that CBD products come in. Everyone is familiar with lotion! CBD lotions are safe to use every day, anywhere on the body. Their CBD content is designed to relieve pain, increase blood flow, decrease swelling, hydrate the skin, and help with conditions like arthritis, eczema, and psoriasis.In particular, full-spectrum or broad-spectrum CBD lotion is often found to be the most effective because it contains other endocannabinoids other than CBD, which bind to your body’s endocannabinoid receptors. Together, your body more easily absorbs these beneficial compounds. Pure CBD oil, though still nice to use, does not contain any other endocannabinoids other than CBD, which your body does not absorb as readily. Will CBD Lotion Help My Dry Skin? Because CBD lotion contains lotion, you can use it anywhere you have dry skin. The moisturizing compounds in the lotion will be just as effective at soothing dry, cracked skin, plus you’ll get the benefits of the CBD infused into the lotion.Many people apply CBD lotion to problem areas, including itchy patches of skin that are associated with psoriatic arthritis or contact dermatitis. CBD is soothing and can help lessen itchiness and pain from these types of rashes. Where Can I Buy CBD? Look for high-quality CBD products in specialty stores, online, or at trusted retailers. Research online the source of the CBD so you feel well-informed about its purity and the truthfulness of package claims. Always let your doctor know if you’re starting a CBD regimen.Read Also:CBD: The understanding of its benefits When is it Time to Start Considering CBD Use? The CBD Health Supplements Making People Feel Good Again

Classy Makeup

Simple But Classy Look Make-up

If you're looking for a simple but classy makeup look, there are a few steps to follow that will help you achieve just that. Whether you want to adopt a basic and elegant look for a special occasion, such as an engagement, wedding, reunion, or another occasion, there are certain guidelines that will help you achieve a sophisticated look for almost any event. Here are some basics to get you started.In the following section, we speak to leading experts at the Paris Lash Academy and ask them about the best simple and classy make-up looks that you can opt for. Paris Lash Academy offers various eyelash extensions that can complement your looks. Simple But Classy Makeup Look: Makeup Brushes:Before you get started on your simple but classy makeup routine, be sure and gather a set of quality makeup brushes to speed up the process. You'll likely need foundation, blush, eyelid, powder, and contouring brushes. You might also want to think about including a few beauty blenders, particularly for foundation, blush, and contour application. You want a smooth application and the right brushes and blenders can provide that. Prepping Skin:In order for makeup to blend as it should, cleanse your skin to create a slight exfoliating effect before any makeup is applied. Once cleansed, moisturize the face and apply a face and eyelid primer. Primer applications should smooth and preserve any makeup that is applied to those areas. Evening out Skin Tone:If the skin is blotchy or uneven, the application of a sheer tinted moisturizer will help to smooth and even out skin tone. Tinted moisturizers can also add warmth to the complexion. You don't have to go for an exact skin match with a sheer tint as you can still bring an added intensity or glow to the skin. If your skin is extremely oily, you'll probably want to skip the tinted moisturizer step to avoid oil buildup. Concealing Under-Eye Circles and Blemishes: Evening out skin tone also means including and using a good concealer that is rich in pigment and staying power. You want to cover dark under-eye circles and other blemishes. Using too much will accentuate problems, so simply use a short swiping motion under the eye. When dispensing the concealer, place it in a triangular shape under the eye. Blend the area with your finger or a beauty blender. For blemishes, dab the actual spot and blend. Continue to do the same action if added coverage is necessary. You want the concealer to be at least one to two shades lighter than your skin tone. Other spots to highlight include going up the bridge of the nose and on up to the forehead. Foundation: The right foundation is the piece de resistance of any makeup routine. You want to find a shade that is closest to your actual skin tone and decide whether a liquid or cream is suitable for your skin type. For a more flawless look, use a beauty blender to apply the foundation. It will definitely deliver a smoother and more complete coverage. Blend the foundation on the face and continue down onto the neck area. If necessary, use your concealer again to cover any blemishes or dark areas, or to add further accents. Contouring/Highlighting: Once the foundation phase is complete, use a contour brush to apply contour powder or cream under the apple areas of the cheeks. Also, apply that same contour to the forehead area and both sides of the jaw. In order to add more warmth, apply a bronzer to those same areas. Blush Color and Highlighter:For added color, choose a blush color for a simple but classy makeup look. You want to think about using cream blushes in warm peaches and pinks so that skin is given a natural and subtle look. Forego cool pinks as they add too much drama. Natural cheek colors can convey a blushing bride kind of appearance that can enhance just about any luvbridal wedding ensemble as well as any other special occasion or event.Use a blender or brush to apply blush to the apples of the cheeks. For more cheek and face enhancement, add a non-sparkly highlighter to the tip of the nose and cheek areas and anywhere else where the sun would normally hit. Again, use a beauty blender to smooth out both the blush and highlighter to create a more subtle and simple effect. Eye Shadow, Liner, Mascara, and Eye Pencils: Soft browns are the best eyeshadow colors to use to enhance the eye area and its shape. Select a shade that is a bit darker than your skin. Brush and blend the shadow into the creases of the eye as well as on the lower lashes. Keep it soft with no hard lines. Add a neutral creamy color shadow at the inner corners of the eyes as well as at the center of the lids, and on the brow bones. At the outer corners of the eyes, use a darker shade to bring a further dimension to the eyes.Liner - Apply a dark brown or black liner to the eyelids. Liquid and gel liners give a longer, starker and lasting effect while pencils usually bring a softer and smoother look.Mascara - provides a finishing touch to the eye area. Apply several coats to the top lashes. For lighter lashes uses brown mascara and if you have darker lashes, use brown or black. Avoid mascara products that produce spidery lengths to lashes, as they can detract from a more natural look. Mascara can also be used on your bottom lashes by applying a bit of mascara from the wand and placing it right at the roots of the bottom lashes using a small eye brush to dot in the mascara.Eyebrow pencil/gel - color choices should be one or two shades on the darker side for blonde or light brown hair, while one or two shades lighter for dark or black hair. You want your brows to be natural but you also want them to be defined. Use an eyebrow template if you are not sure of how to color in your brows or simply need a guideline for correct color placement. Think soft and subtle, yet defined. Lips:You want to enhance your lips with a pretty lasting tint rather than an outlandish and garish color. Choose a shade that actually matches your true lip color and pat or press the color into the lips. Go to the center of the lips first and blend the color in an outward motion. Darker berry colors and reds are flattering in a matte tint as they do bring emphasis to the lips without exaggerating them. Powder: Maybe you don't require powder to finish your look but if your skin has a tendency to get oily and produces shiny spots, you might want to think about an oil-absorbing powder. Powders that are pressed, silk, airbrushed, translucent, and hydrating are great for completing any look, whether your skin is oily or otherwise. These powders are easy to use as you can just sweep a powder brush across them and buff the skin to create a perfect look, which includes powdering the under-eye area as well. Pores and blemishes are also reduced with the use of this kind of powder, and touch-ups are easy as the buildup is almost nonexistent. Setting or Fixing Spray: Once your makeup is completely done, use a setting or fixing spray to hold your work of art in place. Whether you choose it in spray, powder, or mist form, it is designed to maintain your makeup for a number of hours to all day. It helps you avoid those frequent powder room touch-ups that are annoying and a hassle. There are specific types to use for both oily and dry skin.Creating a simple but classy makeup look can be fun and enhancing and if you have a few steps to follow, the process isn't then difficult. Take a look at the steps here and give yourself a simple but classy makeup makeover. Just remember not to overdo it.Read Also:7 Tips For People With Hypersensitive Skin Expert Doctor’s Treatments For Cystic Acne 7 Anti-Aging Tricks And Tips To Get Youthful Skin Like A Teen Get Part Ready In No Time With These Hair And Makeup Hacks!

Natural Stain Remover

8 Effective Natural Stain Remover

As daunting as laundry maybe, it’s more challenging for you to do it when your clothes have stubborn stains. Some stains will not even budge with the usual stain remover you use, and it is not the best way to use laundry detergents with harsh chemicals.What about natural ingredients for removing stains? Are they an effective method?You need to be patient in removing stains with natural ingredients. It takes time than using a one-size-fits-all stain remover. If you use the natural ingredients correctly, it will be a highly effective method.As we go further, remember, always treat stains from the back and avoid rubbing the stain.Your cupboards or cabinets are filled with these natural ingredients. Start removing tough and stubborn stains with natural and environmentally-friendly stain removers. Keep them in your green laundry routine.Here are some of the commonly available effective natural stain remover for daily usage: 1. Lemon Juice:Lemon juice has similar properties to bleach. That’s why you should be careful and handle it properly as you may damage your clothes. You can best use lemon juice to remove food stains on white clothes.Simply cut a lemon in half, wet the cloth, and squeeze it on the stained area. Let the lemon juice settle on the fabric for 30 minutes or more, depending on the stain. Rinse the clothes before you launder the clothes. The lemon extract provides a refreshing scent making it one of the best natural deodorizing agents. 2. Baking Soda:Baking soda has several purposes, and it is an excellent option to remove tough stains. Since it is a mild alkaline, it can sip through the fabric and remove the strong stains.There are two ways to apply baking soda on stained clothes. You can add the baking soda into the water of a laundry load, or you can create a paste out of it. Creating a baking soda paste only requires you a small amount of water. If you opt for the paste method, apply it to the stained area. You can scrub it gently to prevent damaging the fabric. 3. Borax:It’s silly to think about the misconception about borax. Some thought it is a harsh chemical because it is associated with the 20 Mule Team. However, borax is a naturally occurring mineral made of oxygen, water, sodium, and boron. Although it has no toxic fumes and is environmental-friendly, it can cause skin irritation and not ingest it.If you have hard water, it is best to add borax to the laundry load to soften the water, boost the detergent’s performance, and control the odor.You can see borax in the ingredients of most homemade laundry detergent. 4. Dishwashing Liquide:  Although it is unlikely for some to use dishwashing liquid as stain removers, it is an effective one. It can break down grease and stubborn stains. Stains that are made from greasy foods can break down the oil. If you are fond of gardening, dishwashing liquid and hydrogen mixture can effectively remove grass stains.It’s easy to use the dishwashing liquid, squirt enough amount of soap on the stained portion. Scrub the dish soap gently and rinse. Launder the clothes in the usual manner. You can also soak your clothes in soapy water for hours, then rinse and launder them the usual way. 5. Distilled White Vinegar:Another effective natural ingredient to remove stubborn stains is white vinegar. It’s the perfect alternative for chemical-based products. But since it is an acid-based ingredient, you have to handle your clothes with care.Mix the white vinegar with water to make it less acidic. Treating stains with vinegar needs the help of dishwasher detergent to scrub off stubborn stains. Wet the stained part of your cloth, place enough dishwasher soap, and gently rub it with an ice cube. The tough stains will come off. There will be leftover stains, applying the distilled white vinegar to cut through the stain. Rinse the cloth and launder it in the usual way. 6. Salt:The most accessible natural ingredients for stain removal is salt. You can have it almost anywhere. If you are out for a lovely dinner and a sauce spilled on your favorite dress, you only have to ask the waiter for a salt.Let’s say a tomato sauce dripped on your dress, remove the sauce with a tissue and place a pinch of salt on the stain. The fresh stain will disappear after 15 minutes. If there are still residues on the cloth, damp a napkin and gently tap on the stain.Moreover, salt is not only an excellent stain remover. It can also brighten the color of your clothes. You can wash your regular clothes with a saltwater solution to bring life to your faded wardrobe items. 7. Hydrogen Peroxide:Remember the bubbly oxidizing agent in your medicine cabinet? Hydrogen peroxide is an excellent alternative to chlorine bleach. You do not have to use a harsh chemical to whiten your clothes.Since hydrogen peroxide is an oxidizing agent, it can break down water and oxygen, making it safer for the environment. If you are having trouble with yellowish discoloration in the underarm and stains from curry, red wine, or nail polish, hydrogen peroxide is the best solution. 8. Meat Tenderiser:If you do not know, your meat tenderizer in the kitchen is an effective stain remover! It works best for protein-based stains. Did your baby vomit on her bib? You only have to wet the stained clothing and sprinkle the meat tenderizer on it. Let it settle for half an hour before your launder it in the usual manner.Meat tenderizers break down meat proteins to make them tender and more comfortable to chew. Thus, stains from body fluids such as vomit or blood are easily broken down because of their protein components.There you go! 8 natural ingredients to effectively remove the stubborn stains you are dealing with without using harmful and harsh chemicals. Single-handedly remove the stains.However, if the stains happened in delicate fabrics, it is best to bring your clothes to dry cleaning.Read Also:Different steps on how to clean pet stains on the couch 10 Trends About Homemade Carpet Cleaner You Should Know 10 Tactics To Maintain Clear Windows