Healthy Protein Alternatives for Grandpa and Grandma


12 September 2017


Healthy Protein

Our body necessarily needs protein. However, older adults need fewer amounts of protein without totally eliminating it from their diet. Without protein, our bodies will not function well. Besides meat, there are plant-based food alternatives. Protein is essential for our health and useful for people who do workouts and even those who are in recovery.

This kind of diet is helpful for vegans, health enthusiasts, and seniors alike who are avoiding meats in their diets. Here is a list of some food that could be your alternative for meat. Say hello to healthy living.


Healthy Protein

Seitan or commonly known as wheat gluten, which is composed of 75% protein. With a 100g serving, your daily protein requirement is completed already.

This healthy food is very low in fat and packed with nutrients like being low in sodium and carbohydrates. It can be a good source of calcium and also high in iron.

Seitan is indeed a wonder for diet programs to increase the protein intake without cholesterol and added fat. The only downside of this food is it is not gluten-free as it made from gluten.

Seitan can be cooked like meat – grilled, braised and broiled. You can substitute seitan for chicken or turkey.


Healthy Protein

The next one on our list is lentils. It contains tons of fibers that give you 26 grams of protein each day. It also contains iron, potassium, and magnesium.

Lentils also are high in folate, contains antioxidants, low in sodium and fat and are cholesterol-free. Eating lentils on a regular basis could add up some proteins and can be beneficial to your diet.

There are two varieties of lentils which are green and red. They are part of the legume family and are versatile that can be used in different meals. You can add lentils in your stews, veggie burgers or even a substitute for chicken breast. Just don’t overuse the serving of lentils as they can cause severe gout in seniors who have trouble in processing protein.


Healthy Protein

Quinoa, a tiny seed that is full of protein, provides nine essential amino acids that our body can’t produce itself, including lysine that is necessary for tissue repair and growth. It contains fiber, irons, magnesium, and manganese. With just a cup of quinoa, your body is served with 8g of protein.

Cook it like how rice is cooked. It can also be a great substitute for pasta and rice.


Healthy Protein

Eggs are an excellent substitute for meat if you are not vegan. A large egg contains at least 6g of protein. Eggs are one of the staple food in every house’s pantry, which make it the perfect substitute. It contains tons of vitamins and minerals plus amino acids that your body needs.

Boiled, fried or scrambled, eggs are versatile. It’s up to you how you’ll eat at least two eggs a day.


Healthy Protein

Tofu is a popular choice for meat alternative and as used in numerous vegetarian cuisine. Though tofu can’t compare with seitan or quinoa regarding filling in for the protein loss, relatively, tofu can be a good substitute as it is healthy and beneficial as well.

It can be substituted for fish, chicken or pork, can be grilled, fried, steamed, sauteed, etc.


 Eating healthy food can be difficult and giving staple food can make it harder. Knowing and learning alternative food that you can eat without compromising the nutrients that our body needs make it better. The list is a guide to the food that could be a great option to substitute with meat, and that would give the same amount of nutrients or even more.

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what restaurants are open on christmas day

Eat Your Heart Out A List Of Restaurants That Are Open On Christmas

Cooking on Christmas can occasionally seem like an unwelcome chore in between Christmas parties, gift-buying, and other yearly traditions. Hey, we are not judging—we understand!After all the preparation that went into your Thanksgiving meal, you might not even be completely recovered! So how about you just decide to set the apron aside and read about what restaurants are open on Christmas Day?Dine Out On ChristmasPicture this: You get to avoid all the stress of preparation and cooking while still enjoying a holiday meal with your loved ones. A win-win situation! If not, you could at least stop for a little snack before going to Grandma's.The best part is that you can pick up the food and spend time at home with your loved one because the majority of these restaurants offer takeout or heat-and-serve options. Visit your preferred coffee shop and indulge in a small pick-me-up following the hectic Christmas season spent wrapping gifts and spending time with family.After that, order a steakhouse meal to enjoy while still cozy in your Christmas pajamas from Del Frisco's or Morton's! Having said that, there are lots of grocery stores open on Christmas this year if you need some last-minute snacks to complete the meal. Why not also check out the stores that are open on Christmas day while you're at it?What Restaurants Are Open On Christmas Day?Image SourceIt can feel pretty troublesome to get cooking after the collective pressure of Thanksgiving and Christmas setup. If you want to know about the restaurants that are in business on Christmas to have a meal without having to slog for it, here is a list. Check them out.Dunkin' DonutsImage SourceIf you are in the mood for Christmas brunch, you can grab a dozen donuts and some hot coffee on December 24 or 25 at certain Dunkin' Donuts locations. Check the hours of your neighborhood store by giving them a call before you get in the car.Fogo de ChãoImage SourceFogo de Chão, which is well-known for its tender steaks, is open for dining on December 24 and 25. Don't forget to book a table in advance. The Brazilian steakhouse also provides holiday to-go packages if you would prefer to eat your holiday meal at home.Red LobsterImage SourceThe well-known seafood chain will be open for lunch and dinner on Christmas Day at a few locations across the nation. The entire list of open eateries, arranged by state, is available here.Carrabba's Italian GrillImage SourceIf you're going to Carrabba's Italian Grill for dinner, then you should expect pasta, garlic bread, and a nice wine. The restaurant will be open at several locations on Christmas Eve. In addition, you can order Family Bundles in advance to enjoy them on Christmas Day. These bundles serve four people and include bread and salad.Chart HouseImage SourceSavor a decadent three-course meal at your nearby Chart House. Start with a seasonal main course like the Slow Roasted Lamb, then choose from classic Chart House favorites like New England Clam Chowder for your first course. Finally, finish with a choice of Mini Lava Cake, Cherry Cheesecake, or Chef's Dessert.Del Frisco's GrilleImage SourceOn Christmas Day, have a late lunch and dinner at Del Frisco's Grille. The restaurant serves mouthwatering sandwiches, steaks, and irresistible apps. Remember to sample their gingerbread martini and holiday red, white, and sparkling wine while you are eating.Macaroni GrillImage SourceSince most Macaroni Grill locations are open from 12 p.m. to 8 p.m. in the past, you can probably get your pasta fix there this Christmas—perfect for both lunch and dinner. With their Honor Wine system, you can fill up your glass whenever you would like and help yourself to a glass of wine. It is advised to make reservations.McDonald'sImage SourceYou may find yourself yearning for golden arches rather than golden rings! Normally, the fast-food restaurant is open on Christmas. You will need to inquire with your neighborhood Mickey D's to see if you can visit for some burgers and fries on Christmas Day because each franchise is independently owned.Panda ExpressImage SourceVisit Panda Express if you are craving something fast. Now that BeyondTM, the Original Orange ChickenTM, is available in stores thanks to a partnership with Beyond Meat, vegetarians and vegans in your family can enjoy the meal as well.Olive GardenImage SourceIf you want to introduce your family to reasonably priced, shareable Italian food, Olive Garden is a fantastic choice. Some of the family-style meals they serve can accommodate up to 12 people. However, make sure to check the hours of your closest location by giving them a call before Christmas Eve.Ruth's Chris Steak HouseImage SourceA large, hearty meal with friends and family is, for many, the perfect Christmas present. Ruth's Chris is open 365 days a year, and a representative from the restaurant confirmed to that they will be open for business on this holiday.Shake ShackImage SourceYou should definitely stop by Shake Shack for a quick bite if you find yourself in the JFK or Vegas airport this Christmas on your way back from vacation! (Or, you know, if there is a Shake Shack nearby because those milkshakes are the best; however, do check the hours by calling in advance).StarbucksImage SourceWarm up with a hot cup of coffee on Christmas morning (or give the kids a cake pop). You may need to find an alternative method of passing the mid-afternoon slump because most Starbucks locations were closed in the afternoon last year. Instead, they were open early.The Palm CourtImage SourceIt is not necessary to limit lunch at The Plaza to Eloise alone. Enjoy the Christmas Day Buffet at The Palm Court if you are already staying at the renowned hotel. Reservations for non-overnight patrons are not accepted at this restaurant.Waffle HouseImage SourceBefore you spend the entire day putting together every toy under the Christmas tree, indulge in a plate of your favorite breakfast item (been there, done that). Waffle House restaurants are renowned for being open around the clock all year long. Make sure the one closest to you is keeping these hours.Wendy'sImage SourceWhen you visit Wendy's, make sure to grab a Baconator or a 10-piece nugget combo. The fast food restaurant chain's hours may vary depending on your local location, but it will be open on Christmas and Christmas Eve.Wrapping UpDo you want to know what radviseDomino's restaurants are open on Christmas Day? We hope this article helped. There are fewer options on Christmas Day since many eateries opt to remain closed.However, Waffle House, IHOP, and are among the chains that are open on this holiday. We always calling the restaurant before you leave on significant holidays, just in case anything has changed.If you have thoughts to share or questions to ask, please leave a comment below. We would love to hear from you!Read More About:The Best Star Wars Gifts This ChristmasA Complete Guide to Christmas Gift GivingUnveiling Home Décor Ideas For Christmas15 Inspiring Christmas Social Media Post Ideas7 Restaurants You Must Must Experience In Melbourne

Confectionery Shop

History and How to Increase Sales in Your Confectionery Shop

The skill of molding confections is known as Confectionery. What are confections? These are food products that are made of carbohydrates and sugar abundantly. A store that engages in producing and selling these delicacies is called a Confectionery shop.The main target market of these goods is children. Young ones have a big love for candy as they consume them in a substantial number. A confectionery store has different names depending on the geographical area.In Australia, it is known as a lolly shop, a sweet shop in the United Kingdom, and North Americans call it a candy shop. Despite the different names, all of them produce and sell the same goods.Well, there are a lot of ways to increase your sales, but you could try these out and find out just how effective they are. HistoryInitially, confections were made out of honey as sugar was not readily available in the foregone western world. The Romans, Chinese, Egyptians, Indians, and the Greeks used honey to cover flowers and fruits to conserve them and produce sweetmeats in ancient times.Between the 4th and 6th centuries BC, Persians and the Greeks engaged Indians to produce "reeds that produce honey without bees," which is sugarcane. The cane is primeval in Southeast Asia and the tropical Indian subcontinent.Sugarcane agriculture was advanced and spread afterward. With the introduction of sugar, confectioners gradually started renouncing honey in the production of confections. The Indians came up with a mechanism to create sugar crystals.In the local dialect, the crystals were known as khanda, where the name candy originated. Kransekake is one of the ancient confections from Scandinavia.According to Guinness World Records, the most ancient candy shop in the world that is still functioning to date is located in Pateley Bridge village. Pateley Bridge is now a small market town in England. Read more here What is in a Confectionery ShopAs explained above, a confectionery store engages in producing and selling confections mostly to the kids. The produced confections in a Confectionery store can be fractionated into two, bakers and sugar confections. Baker's Confectionery It is one of the confectioneries and is also known as flour confections. These are sugary foodstuffs that use flour as their major component.After they are made, these confections are baked hence the name baker's Confectionery. They include sweet pastries, scones, cookies, doughnuts, and cakes.However, baker's confections are baked, bread is not considered as a baker's confectionery.You may go through:  The Need for Speed-to-Lead in Sales Sugar ConfectioneryUnlike baker's, sugar confectionery is mainly made of sugar. The most crucial substances used in this category are glucose syrups, sucrose, and invert sugars.A concoction of fructose and glucose, which is turned out by hydrolysis of sucrose, is called invert sugar. Confectioner's glucose is also known as glucose syrups which are intensive, cleansed, aqueous solutions of nutritious saccharides from starch.This confectionery can be divided into two, fondant and boiled sweets. Click here to see how you can start this business. a) Fodant Fondant is tiny sugar crystals in concentrated sugar syrup. It is used in embellishing cakes and as a creamy filling in biscuits and chocolates.Fondant is manufactured in two ways. It is an inverting agent and refrigerating speedily while riveting or mixing sugar solution with glucose syrup then boiling them. The sugar in fondants is in a crystalline state.These foodstuffs include coconut paste, chocolate centers, marzipan, fudge, and chews. The articulation of fondant is made up of 22% w/w water, 16% w/w confectioner's glucose, and 62% w/w sucrose. Sucrose is the primary component in this formulation. b) Boiled Sweets Boiled sweets are made by boiling water and sugar at extremely high temperatures ranging between 150 and 166 degrees Celsius.When boiling, the water evaporates, and a translucent mass is formed on cooling. In boiled sweets, their sugar is in a glassy state as it is hard-boiled.This confectionery includes barley sugars, caramel, fruit drops, toffee, butterscotch, and hard gums. The articulation of boiled sweets comprises 20% w/w water, 32% w/w glucose syrup, and 48% w/w sucrose. Three Essential Tips on How to Increase the Volume Sales in Your Confectionery Shop The core obligation of any business enterprise is making profits. A huge amount of gain is obtained through more sales for your confection. So how do you increase the volume of your sales? 1. Location The most fundamental factor in this business is where you set up your shop. Children are primary consumers of confections as they take them in huge numbers.To escalate the number of your sales, your shop should be set up in a location where there are more children than adults. An outlet erected in an area where kids are innumerable will make more sales than the other in a setting with scarce younger ones.A store that is put up in an area where there are more adults than the kids will hardly make sales as the main market target of confections is youngsters. 2. Delivery Services The world is evolving so are the buying behaviors from customers. Many people do not like making long queues to be served. Instead, they prefer home delivery services.With the pandemic, many people refrained from going to stores physically to contract the virus in your maneuvers. Many people are adopting online shopping where you order goods online, and the buyer delivers at your doorstep.If you can incorporate delivery services, you will attract the attention of potential customers who do not like going out to the stores. This increases the volume of sales, which means more profit. 3. Social Media The most convenient way to market your products in the 21st century is through social media. There are a million users of social media all over the world.Advertisements of your shop can be run on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tiktok, LinkedIn, to mention a few.Through social media, you can reach many potential customers for your product in the comfort of your store. See this link to learn how you can market your business using social media Conclusion Confectionery shops produce and sell confection. Before purchasing from any store, research to establish if they produce the best products in town. The duration a store has operated means they have experience in production that keeps them moving. Online product reviews can help you on settling the perfect store for your needs.Read Also:5 Actionable Mobile Marketing Tips That Drive Sales

Alkaline Foods

7 Surprising Benefits Of Alkaline Foods

When it comes to the workings of these wondrous human bodies of ours, we truly reap what we sow. What we choose to put into our bodies has a profound effect on how it chooses to support us and perform for us. Our modern convenience food diets are riddled with acidic and overly processed foods that are harmful to our health. Things that we may have grown up with---meats, dairy, and coffee---are robbing us of our strength and vitality at every meal. Dangers of acidic foods:Our bodies strive to maintain a delicate PH balance throughout the day; this eliminates the acidic ash that can take its toll on bones, tissues, and organs that might otherwise function to support us. A body that is placed in a chronic, highly acidic state is more prone to disease, weight gain, and even a shorter life span.An alkaline diet rich in fresh, whole, organic foods becomes the very lifeforce of the body as it rebalances the PH and gives the body a chance to heal and regenerate itself. While it may seem at first that making the switch from acidic foods to alkaline foods is going to saddle you with culinary limitations and all sorts of unpleasantness, the feeling you will experience when you give your body a chance to "sigh" will be worth any comfort foods that you will be giving up for this new lifestyle. Whether you have been recently diagnosed with a chronic illness, or you simply want to improve your quality of life you owe it to yourself to give alkaline foods a chance. Here are some ways they can benefit you and your marvelous body: 1. Alkaline foods eliminate fatigue issues: An excess buildup of acid in the body depletes its natural store of oxygen; as a result, the body feels fatigue and so do you. Cells don't function as they should, and every system is working harder than ever to dump toxins and breathe once more. Switching to snacks that are alkaline in nature will reduce acidic buildup and release life-giving oxygen back into your system once more. 2. Alkaline foods strengthen the immune system:An imbalance in your PH levels weakens your body's ability to fight off disease and infection. Bacteria and viruses thrive in an anaerobic, or low-oxygen environment. Increasing your intake of alkaline foods brings more oxygen back into the body, battling disease and viruses and strengthening all systems. 3. Alkaline foods reduce inflammation: An acidic body is an inflamed body; when you have a buildup of acid in your body, you are prone to the development of chronically acidic and diseased states such as heart disease, arthritis, and even cancer. Bringing alkaline rich foods into your diet will reduce your risk for the development of these diseases and bring inflammation under control. 4. Alkaline foods strengthen bones and tissues: As we age, our bodies naturally pull calcium and other minerals from bone material to balance our body's PH. As a result, we grow gradually weaker and more prone to illness and injury. Consuming alkaline foods puts much-needed calcium back into our bodies and restores our strength and vitality in natural and healthy ways. 5. Alkaline foods can prevent the occurrence of cancer: Cancer cells thrive in an anaerobic environment, and by bringing alkaline foods into your diet, you increase the healing properties of vitamins, minerals, and vital oxygen that makes it difficult for cancer cells to multiply and grow. When you give your body the natural tools that it needs, the wonderful self-healing mechanisms present in your makeup go to work on their own, bringing your body into a state of balance once more. 6. Alkaline foods can help you lose weight...and keep it off:Giving your body the vital nutrients it needs through nutritious, whole foods is always preferable to the Standard American Diet, or S.A.D., for short. When you replace high-calorie acidic items like pizza, chips, cookies, and soda with high-quality fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and legumes, the equation is so simple. You'll experience permanent and lasting weight loss and you'll feel great! 7. Alkaline foods improve your quality of life: There are the whole brain, whole body benefits to eating alkaline foods--they heal and repair body tissues at a cellular level, they help to flush out harmful toxins that might slow you down, and they provide the energy necessary to lead a healthy and active life well into your later years. Alkaline foods can improve how you look, how you feel, and what you experience as your body gives back to you based on the wonderful, life-giving foods that you feed it with. Is An Alkaline Diet Right For Me? No matter what diet you choose to follow, it has to be manageable and sustainable in order for it to work. If you are going to derail yourself two weeks after starting an alkaline diet with a cheeseburger and fries, then perhaps going all in isn't for you right now. Making small, deliberate changes to your diet and assessing how you feel will help you create healthy habits for long term success. Many people become overwhelmed at the thought of having to replace everything in their diets; finding some tried and true alkaline diet snacks that you can use for a quick and healthy pick me up in between meals is one way to begin establishing new habits that will move you toward better health. Examples of healthy alkaline snacks include:fresh veggie sticks and hummus celery sticks with almond butter avocados with fresh salsa green juices smoothies nuts, seeds, and berries lara bars chia pudding with fresh berriesOnce you see how tasty and filling these new foods can be, it will become easier and easier to incorporate healthy, life-giving foods into your diet. Are you ready? Get ready! You are about to embark on an exciting journey to delicious food and better health. You'll experience vibrant energy, improved mood, and you'll feel better than you have in years. Don't look at all the things that you "can't" have on your new journey, focus instead on how much better you'll look and feel with a few simple changes and a whole new positive outlook on your health. Best of luck to you on your alkaline journey!Read Also:You Can’t Out-Diet Your Training 9 Magical Benefits Of A Vegetarian Diet Easy Diet Tips To Summer Six Pack Abs Eating Good Quality Foods For Diet Foods To Eat On A Low-Carb Ketogenic Diet Best Super Nutritious Foods To Include In Your Diet Choosing A Diet Based On Your Personality Type Why Have A Diet Chart For Weight Loss? 11 Foods You Must Incorporate Into Your Diet For Great SkinFeatured Image: