Investors Agree: Gold And Silver Is The Way To Go


15 November 2017


investing in gold or silver

Ever since precious metals were discovered, they were used as currency. Gold and silver, in particular, have always been the most popular form of currency throughout the world, and, while one country may use francs while another may use pounds, both currencies are backed up by gold and silver. Gold and silver are always a sure bet in an unpredictable market, as they’re both stable, virtually impervious to the unrest in the world’s conventional markets. The value of a country’s currency is liable to change drastically, but the gold that backs in it up – even here in Canada – remains valuable and more stable.

There are options when you decide to invest in gold and silver, but one thing you might consider doing to get started is getting an Exchange-Traded Fund (ETF). The main attraction to ETFs is that they are a safe bet, with very little risk, so as a long-term investment, you can pretty much ensure at least some sort of profit. For riskier investors, you can invest in an actual gold or silver mining company – the possible reward here is great, but it comes with a little more of a risk. Many of these companies are unable to mine the precious metals that they are looking for; however, if they do literally strike gold, so did you.

Lastly – and this is an option recommended by a number of top investors – you can always just buy physical gold or silver bars. This is always a solid investment in an unpredictable market. Whether you’ve been stocking your portfolio for years with precious metals, or you’ve just started learning about investing in gold or silver to increase your wealth, the first thing to do is speak with an expert, whether that’s a financial advisor or an accredited gold dealer.

Gold and silver generally come in the forms of bars or coins, and you can find an accredited dealer in Canada by looking online and checking reviews – just make sure that you go to an authorized dealer. Also remember that there may be other factors involved in buying the precious metals, for example, the fact that coins could have historical value as well as the value of the actual gold or silver in the coin. Also, gold and silver bars are large, and storing them can get quite expensive depending on how much space you need. Many people forget to incorporate these secondary costs to investing. Don’t make that mistake.

While gold is stable, there are still important things to know about investing in precious metals. It can still be a risky business, if you buy at the wrong time – albeit, the risk here is far less severe than the risk in traditional investments. Just like stocks and bonds, the value of gold goes up and down with the economy, but unlike stocks, those swings aren’t quite as large. While generally a safe bet, do your research to know whether you want to buy right now or hold off for a little bit. In general, gold and silver increase with value, so if you’re not sure, buy!

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Chapter 7

What Is The Difference Between Chapter 7 & Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

The businesses that fell into financial trouble consider Bankruptcy as their only legal way of solution. This particular legal process is often initiated by the debtors and is imposed through court orders. If you find that bankruptcy is your only way to seek relief from the creditor, then you can go for it. But you also need to keep in mind that Bankruptcy has various chapters, for instance, chapter 7, chapter 11, and chapter13 as well. If you are willing to file bankruptcy, you must consider the difference between these chapters in it. What Is Chapter 7 Bankruptcy? The liquidation of assets takes place to repay the debt. In that case, a company or an individual can file for this particular chapter, and that will be the shutdown of their whole operations and management processes. You will be able to understand everything from Chapter 7 Bankruptcy about the chapter 7 bankruptcy before you file for it. The debtors need to liquidate their personal assets, according to this chapter. To fill the debt, the debtor tries to focus on secured loans such as home equity loans, car loans, mortgage loans, et cetera. After that, if there is still money left for the debtor, they will pay through unsecured loans like credit cards or personal loans. The main benefit of chapter 7 is that they will not get any further repayment plan, and thus they can start anew. What Is Chapter 11 Bankruptcy? It is a new process of returning the money to the creditor. The debtors file this chapter to save their assets. But anyone cannot go for this bankruptcy unless they have sufficient proof to run their business regularly. Chapter 7 bankruptcy in GA works in a different way from chapter 11 bankruptcy. If you have the ability to run your own business but are facing trouble repaying your debt, then only you will be able to file chapter 11. In this case, you will need to submit a restructured payment method that you want to initiate for your repayment. After that, the court will analyze and restructure it again through its trustee to give you the best negotiation possible. Key Differences Still, finding the key differences? Through this discussion, you will be able to understand the differences between these two chapters. And understanding these differences will let you go through the legal process carefully and properly. 1. Type If you consider understanding the chapter 7 bankruptcy in GA, you will be able to assess that this chapter deals with the liquidation of assets in terms of paying the debt. On the other hand, chapter 11 deals with the negotiation process of your loans. It helps you to restructure your repayment method and bares you some extra time in a possible way. 2. Advantages With chapter 7, you cannot start your own repayment plan without having any limitations of debt. If you give a closer look into chapter 7 bankruptcy in GA, you get the idea that you will not have the chance to start from the beginning. On the other hand, with chapter 11, your company will get the chance to continue processing its operations to stand again. 3. Closure Are you willing to close all your operations? With chapter 7, you will be able to do that to pay your debts. Closing all your operations will help you to liquidate your money by selling your assets. Do you want to continue your current operations? You can do that if you file for chapter 11 only. 4. Processing Time In chapter 7, the debt payment through liquidation takes up to 6 months. On the other hand, chapter 11 processing takes a much longer time. Chapter 11 does not have any particular time period as the restructuring process takes time to be fixed, and there are also chances of payment extension. To Wrap Up If you want to file for bankruptcy, you must know the process and details of it. If you do not consider this article on your reading list, you will not be able to file a suitable chapter for you. Always try to be advanced while considering law cases. It is your responsibility to take down the debt from your head and thus be sure to advance your knowledge of bankruptcy and its different chapters. Read Also: Does Bankruptcy Ruin Your Credit?Can I File Bankruptcy Without an Attorney?What are the types of debt that can be discharged in bankruptcy?

Investing In Bitcoins

Investing In Bitcoins: 5 Things You Need To Know

Ever since Bitcoin was announced to the world, it has generated hype and frenzy unlike any other financial commodity in the world. However, Bitcoin is much bigger than just a digital currency. It is a system of finance. Many people make the mistake of assuming Bitcoin as a sole entity. It is not. It is part of a larger financial structure or medium known as Blockchain. In this article, we will look at how any individual can easily acquire, invest and trade in Bitcoin. We will also look at the top 5 things individuals need to keep in mind before undertaking any Bitcoin or Blockchain adventure. Bitcoin and Blockchain: What is it? Bitcoin is a digital currency, which seeks to remove finance from the hands of governments and international financial institutions. In many ways, Bitcoin is a democratic, peer-to-peer payment structure, which aims to reduce costs, makes payments faster and eases the entire network. Founded by the anonymous Satoshi Nakamoto in 2009, the digital currency hit a high of over $17000 USD in late 2017. From then on, the volatility and speculation surrounding it have made it jump up and down in terms of evaluations. However, as of now, one Bitcoin has reached nearly $8000 USD once again. Bitcoin has emerged as one of the strongest financial investment products over the past few years. However, this means that there are many nuances, risks, and rewards out there for Bitcoin trading. It also means that there are manipulators out there who are tricking and cheating people when it comes to Bitcoin trading.  Here are 5 Things to know before Investing in Bitcoins: 1. Do your research before selecting on a Bitcoin Trading Platform Many unscrupulous people and websites out there are cheating unsuspecting individuals of thousands of dollars by offering Bitcoins. Please do your research before you try to make a payment for purchasing Bitcoins. One of the best ways to ensure safety is to be part of Bitcoin Trading Platforms, which have their own bitcoin trader login as a point of entry. This ensures professionalism and safety for all your transactions. 2. Try to make Small Bitcoin Investment Options initially If you are someone who is looking to just step into the Bitcoin investment game, it would be wise to tread cautiously. This means that you do not need to purchase one Bitcoin at one go. This would be too expensive and complicated. Bitcoins can be broken down into one-millionth of a trade. This means that you can make small purchases as investment options. This will help you familiarise yourself with the market and enable you to work towards bigger investments. Nowadays, you can also use this cryptocurrency trading platform bot that determines when the price will rise and you can make great profits as a result. 3. Do not reveal your identity to third parties at any costs It would be foolish to assume that digital transactions of investments cannot go wrong. The same goes for Bitcoins. It is important that you do not reveal your Bitcoin Address, Bitcoin Wallet or your cell phone numbers to outside parties. There are hackers who are much more technologically advanced than you are. By being safe, you can ensure that your investments will keep growing in a safe and secure environment. 4. Do not invest every penny you have into Bitcoins In other words, do not take loans from people, just for the sake of investing in Bitcoins. There are speculations out there that result in many fluctuations. It is important to ride out these volatilities. If you are someone who is not on a strong financial footing, investing in the present might not be a good idea. Try to be secure before taking the plunge. As with all financial products, investments can be risky. 5. Select the Right Bitcoin Trading Platform Many experts out there have been following Bitcoins and Blockchain technology right from its inception. Some of them have taken the leap and established their own trading platforms, which offers help, guidance, and expertise on Bitcoin trading. It is best to select a trading platform, which is backed by expertise and experience. Aligning with amateurs who do not understand the market might be too risky. Conclusion: In recent years, more and more people who are trading in Bitcoins are using the best software to boost their chances of earning profits. From using complex algorithms to Artificial Intelligence, the advanced nature of the software makes it very easy for people to make complex decisions. One such software is the Bitcoin Evolution. Many critics are skeptical of Bitcoin Mining as it involves high costs and investment expenditure. The Bitcoin Evolution software is trustworthy, legit and very affordable. While there are many who make millions from investing in Bitcoins, several others lose quote a lot of money. It is important to follow the five steps mentioned above to ensure that your investments in Bitcoin return a healthy profit. Read Also: How To Make Money From Bitcoins In 2019 Bitcoin Profit Review 2019 How To Make Money From Bitcoins In 2019

Cheapest Insurance

4 Expert Tips for Finding the Cheapest Insurance for You

Insurance is an essential part of ownership, whether it’s for a home, a car, or even personal belongings. With so many potential unexpected situations that can arise, it is smart to be proactive and to purchase insurance. It can protect you and your belongings from any outstanding and expensive damages. However, when it comes to monthly payments, it’s natural to want to pay as little as possible while still maintaining a decent amount of coverage. By taking the right steps beforehand, you can find an insurance provider that will properly assess your property for the right cost. Here are 4 tips for finding the cheapest insurance for you: 1. Do Your Research: This seems like a given, but with so many options to choose from it can be dauntingto narrow down which company is the best match for you. A simple Google search can give you most of the answers you’re looking for, as well as the company websites. However, when it comes to cutting costs, it is best to specifically research car insurance without a down payment. Initial fees can be incurred at high rates, and many car companies do not require such things. Places like Geico and other insurance companies will allow you to find the exact right price range that still fits within your budget. You can also read reviews and testimonials to gauge their reputability from customers. 2. Request Free Quotes: After you have researched enough to narrow down your choices to a smaller list of insurance companies, it’s time to ask for a free quote on your current home and/or vehicle. The insurer will ask standard questions related to your property as well as your background. They can oftentimes get back to you within the day. Since quotes are typically free, it does no harm to request them. This way you can be a given a specific number for your particular situation and needs, rather than a range or average number. Once you have been given your quote, you can compare the numbers of the companies you are deciding between and what they are able to offer you in the way of services. 3. Make a List: Many insurance providers are also able to provide additional insurance such as renter’s insurance combined with a vehicle. By conglomerating multiple insurances, you are able to alleviate the stress of juggling multiple payments per month and simplify it to only one. In addition to this, insurance companies often have a wide range of coverage that is designed to accommodate a wide variety of people in different financial places. By making a list of your absolute essential needs, you are more prepared when speaking to a representative about what they can offer you and at what price. Keep in mind that with most companies, you have the ability to change, add, or remove any additional coverage at any time. 4. Ask Around: Talk to your family and peers about their experiences with their different providers. You may hear the same company names come up, but oftentimes there is a reason those companies reach so many and have such a well-known reputation. Make no mistake, word of mouth is still a worthy resource to pursue, even in the digital age. In Conclusion: While it can be a pain and seem unnecessary at times, insurance is a crucial part of owning property and protecting your legal rights. Insurance companies are there to provide support and answers during stressful moments. If you are able to find the right plan for your financial situation, it will be worth it in the end. By doing an apt amount of research, making a list of your requirements and budget, and speaking directly with insurance companies about your needs and concerns, you have the tools to find the cheapest insurance while still protecting your property in the event of an accident. Read Also: Everything You Need To Know About Term Insurance Plan Premium How To Choose The Best Auto Insurance Company?