Ready For A Recharge? The Practice Of Enjoying Your Time Off Work


24 November 2022



From time to time, taking a break from work is necessary to recharge both your personal and professional batteries.

Whether you plan a week-long vacation in one of the world’s most-sought-after-vacation destinations, go for a glamping min-break, or if you intend to spend your time off from the comfort of your sofa – it’s crucial to take a break from the demands of your professional and personal life to minimize your stress levels.

Yet, Americans left an average of 4.6 vacation days unused last year. From having too heavy a workload to fearing what colleagues might think, there are many reasons why US workers only take a percentage of their vacation allowance.

Regardless, it is essential to understand that you’re not dodging responsibility and that you deserve a well-earned break from time to time.

More importantly, it is crucial that you enjoy your time off so that you feel as though you’ve had enough time away to return feeling fully refreshed. If you’re ready for a recharge, there are plenty of ways to do so without feeling second-hand guilt, some of which we outline below:

Make Preparations For The Following Morning

Make Preparations For The Following Morning

Although we’re confident that you can find better ways to enjoy your time off work, preparing for the following morning can be valuable for occupying a spare fifteen minutes of your evening. Let’s face it; nothing is worse than running around like a headless chicken on your day off, trying to find something to do, or trying to fit everything you want to do into a set couple of hours.

Whether you need to be out of the house early the next morning for a jaunt with friends or planning a day at home catching up on the housework – there are several ways you can save yourself stressing. From setting several back-to-back alarms to ensure you’re up and out of bed by a specific time to preparing and setting your coffee maker – anything that saves you several minutes of your morning.

If you cannot function without a caffeine fix in the morning, consider teaching yourself less time-consuming ways of preparing your morning brew from experts like Cup & Bean. Whether you’d like to answer, what is a frappe coffee? Or learn how to make other popular coffee orders; their website covers you no matter what level your barista skills might be.

Equipped with an online store and a blog filled with articles that cover everything from coffee making, the production process, the origin of coffee, different brewing techniques, and answering FAQs like, what is a frappe coffee? Plus, many more. Consider visiting their website for more information, and see how their help and advice could help you enjoy your time off work more.

Get Your Body Moving

Get Your Body Moving

Depending on whether you’re an active person or not, the thought of dragging yourself out of the house and down to the gym might sound like the least enjoyable way to spend your time off work. However, physical activity is one of the best things for improving quality of life and reaping the benefits of movement.

From reducing certain physical and mental health risks to improving our mood, getting the recommended daily exercise is an excellent way to spend your time off work, especially if you spend most of your time at work stationery. The best thing is, even if you’re not the most active of people, you can get your daily exercise in from the comfort of your own home or without having to go far away!

Whether you choose to take the family dog on a long walk, cycle down to the shops, walk to a close friend or relative’s house, or complete an at-home workout in your living room – you can get your body moving in a variety of ways and reap the benefits of doing so.

Even if going to the gym on your day off sounds awful, something as low-impact as yoga, cycling, or walking is enough to get your endorphins pumping and make you feel better.

Catch Up On Sleep

Catch Up On Sleep

According to studies, 94% of workers working in the professional service industry work over an alarming 50 hours a week. Due to this, many US professionals dedicate a chunk of their time off work to getting out of sleep debt. When you don’t have any work commitments, classes to attend, or children to take on the school run threatening to disturb your sleep, what’s better than catching up on sleep, right?

However, even if we’re struggling to keep our eyes open long after our alarm has gone off, something about sleeping in on our day off work stirs up feelings of guilt deep inside us. Since sleeping in is often considered a form of laziness, many US workers try to avoid this stereotype by filling their time off with commitments even if they feel drained from the previous workweek.

Yet, there is nothing wrong with sleeping in and in small doses; it can even provide many benefits. From having a better attention span, feeling more alert, reduced stress levels, and much more, catching up on a couple of extra winks during your time off work can help you recharge and make you feel ready to work upon your return to the workplace.

Treat Yourself

Treat Yourself

Ultimately, you want to spend your day off in a way that leaves you feeling relaxed and ready to go back to work with a smile (and a story to tell your co-workers!). Typically, this involves doing something you wouldn’t do during the work week as a ‘treat’ to reward yourself after battling with deadlines and many other work-related tasks.

Whether you try out a new restaurant nearby or run yourself a bath with extra bubbles (and a bath bomb to boot!), you can make your time off feel a little bit more special by doing an activity you love. Though you’ll rarely be able to spend your entire day off doing something you love, ensure that you find the time to include hobbies or activities you like most so that you enjoy your time off.


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Lil Durk is indeed one of the rappers that are conquering the hip-hop music scene inch by inch. He is becoming increasingly famous among rap music fans all over the globe, and even though he is young, he has already released 7 studio albums.One can argue that Durk is so popular because rap and trap music is trendy these days, but be as it may, it is undeniable that he is at the top of the game.He is also pretty active lately, so if you want to see him perform, you can buy Lil Durk concert tickets since he is touring across the United States right now.But how did this rapper become famous on the music scene? There are always some interesting but also frightening facts surrounding the hip-hop scene, and Durk is no exception.So, let’s see some less-known facts about the Chicago-born rapper.  He Had It Difficult From The StartDurk’s real and full name is Durk Derrick Banks, and this Chicago rapper was born back in 1992, on October 19th. And since the beginning of his life, he had a challenging path to walk. In fact, everything was uphill for him from the beginning.Durk’s life wasn’t easy from the start since when he was a kid, his father, by the name of Dontay Banks Sr, was arrested. Dontay had to go to jail, and young Lil Durk didn’t have much choice but to take a lot of responsibility on his shoulders for the family from a young age.Lil has stated in some previous interviews that things were extremely tough in some situations, to the point where he and his family didn’t have anything to put on the table.And that is not all since when Durk was only 17 years of age, he already expected his first child. Therefore, he had to drop out of school and support his baby.At this point, there wouldn’t have been a lot of people that would bet money on him being successful as a rapper. But when there is a will, there is a way, apparently.Lil Durk Has Had Some Legal IssuesLegal trouble and problems with the legal system aren’t something that is new in the hip-hop world, and unfortunately, Durk was no exception. Like many other rappers before him, Lil Durk also had various legal problems through the years in the past.One of his bad moves was joining a street gang group named The Black Disciples when he was young, which led to some troubles with the law authorities multiple times.For instance, in 2011, Durk was sent to three months in prison since he was convicted of a weapons charge, and later on, Lil was also hit with 5 felony charges. Some of the crimes include his association with the street gang, aggravated assault, and criminal attempt to commit murder, among other things.Considering the effect this can have on his music career, and because he is only 29 years old, his fans would love for him to stay out of legal trouble and focus more on his musical talent to be a lot more successful in the future.Durk Made His Own Record LabelGetting into the music business nowadays is more challenging than you think. Even though one can post music online, signing with a record label is a huge deal and a powerful boost for a young performer.  Still, Durk decided to try something different as he chose to run his own label. Of course, he has been releasing records and tracks for major labels like Def Jam Recordings, Interscope, and others, but having your own label has its benefits since you can publish music without bothering to convince anyone else. Nevertheless, being different from other rappers, he decided to make a record label that would also be a rap collective. It is titled OTF, which stands for Only the Family, and this rap collective has had many popular raps and hip-hop members such as OTF Timo, JusBlow600, Booka600, Doodie Lo, and many others.Related: 5 Awesome Tips to Help You Sound Better When RecordingLil Durk Started On Social Media Like many other artists today, Durk also began his journey in the music world via social media. He started to make videos of his songs and shared them on the internet through YouTube and MySpace, which was one of the most popular social media platforms.Once he saw that this music style suited him and that people were getting to notice him, he began to take his music career more seriously. Of course, success didn’t happen overnight. Since some acts didn’t sign him, he decided to make his own record label, as mentioned above.As we can see, his consistency paid off since Durk is among the most popular rap performers today. These are some less-known facts about Lil Durk that helped make him what he is today. And if you want to go to some concerts by this Chicago-born rapper, now is the time to buy concert tickets since his 2022 tour is ongoing!Read Also:6 High-Paying Career Paths for Creative PeopleDo Music Streaming Platforms Abuse User Data: What You Should KnowWant to Learn How to Learn How to Play an Instrument? Here’s What Every Beginner Should Know…


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Diving originated as a food collection method for the sea. Divers would practice free diving breathing techniques that allowed them to remain underwater for longer periods. Today, diving has become much more defined because of Hawaii’s diversified sea life, environmental components like volcanic lava-tubes and manmade wrecks that were made for discovery. If you want to experience all that Hawaii offers, you will want to travel between the islands as each offers divers unique experiences with sea creatures, reefs, and corals that continue to captivate. Best Scuba Diving Locations In Hawaii In 2022   In this article you w 1. Kauai:Otherwise known as the Garden Island, Kauai is the fourth biggest island in Hawaii. With lots of greenery and towering mountains, the landscapes give way to tropical rainforests and traversing waterways that visitors crave for an authentic Hawaiian vacation getaway. Wondering about Scuba Diving Kauai? Take a trip to the south shore and visit the golden sands of Poipu Beach, Polihale State Park or Tunnels Beach where diving temperatures are between 74 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit year-round. Underwater visibility is around 3,100 feet. As there are strong currents, it is advisable to dive in groups or with a knowledgeable dive guide who knows the area well. 2. Maui:Maui is a hot spot for divers who want to enjoy South Maui’s crescent-shaped Molokini Crater which has visibility of 150 feet. If your diving goals include marine life, you will also want to check out Honolua Bay. Some of the top-rated beaches in Maui include Kaanapali Beach, Maluaka Beach, and Kapalua Bay. 3. Kailua Kona:Kailua Kona is located just west of the Big Island and has dozens of dive sites that are ripe for adventure. Most notable is a 400-foot dive site called Blackwater, which lights up at night with a vast number of bioluminescent marine life that makes this dive site a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. As your safety line is tethered to the dive boat, you can dive easily to 60 feet to avoid many of the dangers of nighttime offshore ocean diving. 4. Lanai:The Hawaiian Island of Lanai is yet another diver’s paradise filled with lava tubes and sea creatures that help to create a truly magnificent underwater experience. Southeast of Hulopoe Bay is one of the most popular local dive spots called First and Second Cathedral. With visibility of 80 to 100 feet, the underwater caverns filled with tunnels make for incredible exploration for both beginner and intermediate divers. 5. Niihau:The Forbidden Island is among one of the most beautiful dive spots in Niihau. With mountainous lava formations, underwater caves, and an unbelievable amount of sea life, clear visibility provides you with access to dolphins, manta rays, monk seals, octopus, and reef sharks. With dive sites between 40 and 100 feet, it is an ideal dive site.The Hawaiian Islands offer year-round diving. It has an abundance of reefs and endless coastline, making it is an ideal environment to hop from one island to the next experiencing designated dive spots. With shallow waters and clear visibility, you have access to the most beautiful underwater landscapes that are found anywhere in the world.Read Also:6 Tips To Make Your Scuba Diving Experience Worthwhile Yacht Charters And Sailing Vacations

Bridal Bouquets

All ABOUT Bridal Bouquets

The bride's bouquet is designed to enliven the overall theme of the wedding and tie together the design, decor, and style of the outfits.The variety of flowers and the design of the bouquet can be very different, just as there is no single wedding style.So, we asked the florists of FiftyFlowers store, which sells bridal bouquets online, to tell us what kind of wedding bouquets are, what wedding styles are best to combine them with, and what flowers to choose for the composition.Bridal Bouquet StylesWedding bouquets can take a variety of forms: some brides prefer not to overload their hands with a huge bouquet, some care about shape and color, and others want to look original and memorable.Florists distinguish the following styles of bridal bouquet design:Posy bouquet. This bouquet is one of the most common and classic. For its arrangement, round-shaped flowers with stems of the same length are used. Tightly tied together and practically without additional foliage or filler flowers, the posy bouquet looks understated yet romantic and glamorous.Round bouquet is another classic style of bridal bouquet. It consists of flowers with stiff stems, such as roses or ranunculus, which the florist gathers tightly in a dome shape.Cascading bouquet, formed from orchids and vines or foliage tendrils, in which flowers are woven, looks very elegant and spectacular. In this bouquet, the main flowers, located in the center, are surrounded by a waterfall of climbing flowers that flow smoothly to the floor.Pageant bouquet. Long-stemmed flowers, such as calla lilies or delphiniums, are used to create this bouquet. Since the bouquet is thin and long, the bride keeps it in the crook of one arm, while the second one remains free. A pageant bouquet is great for a vintage-inspired wedding, and if it uses a lot of greenery, then with a boho style.Nosegay bouquet suits brides who do not want to overload their delicate look with large floral ensembles. It consists of only a few stems of flowers of the same species and will serve as just a simple accent without drawing attention to itself.The asymmetric bouquet is quite unusual. It can be a composition of flowers of different lengths or with an accent on one side. Such bouquets usually use flowers of several shapes, types, and colors, which are accompanied by foliage or greenery.For outdoor ceremonies, a crescent-shaped bouquet is ideal. The curve is achieved with falling foliage or cascading flowers on both sides and complements the bride's romantic, natural look.Related: Tips To Help You Plan Your Long-Awaited WeddingHow to Compose the Perfect Bouquet for a Wedding?Often, roses, peonies, or tulips are used for wedding bouquets, but there are no restrictions on the color or type of flowers. It all depends on what tone you want to set along with the bride, the color scheme of the wedding, and the time of year. The bouquet should look proportionate in the hands of the bride, without overshadowing her or looking too petite.If you decide to assemble a bouquet yourself, try not to make it clumsy. Try to match the flowers in it. To do this, you can use the bridal bouquet online ordering function on the FiftyFlowers website, where you can conveniently sort flowers by color.Some flowers look very beautiful in the bride's bouquet, but because of the strong scent, it is better not to use them. Even if you love lilies, lilacs, or jasmine, imagine that you and your guests will have to inhale their aroma throughout the day. This can cause headaches or allergies.If you are not afraid to deviate from tradition, you can pick up one large flower, a floral wreath, or hook a boutonniere on your hand.Read Also:Tips for Having a Weed-Friendly WeddingThe Essential Services You Must Hire For Your Upcoming Wedding DayEthnic Wedding Attire: 3 Tips To Wear The Traditional Dhoti-Style Maharashtrian Saree