Is Consumer Durables a Good Career Path In 2021?

Is consumer durables a good career path in 2021? How many jobs are available in consumer durables? If you are searching for these queries, you are reading the correct blog! 

Choosing your career path in consumer durables can be your best decision because it is highly rewarding, and the future is truly bright.   

Consumers take irregular career paths, and they regret the same in the long run. This is the reason why you need to be very focused and alert while choosing any career path. Some of the other top career paths can be precious metals, basic industries, energy utilities, public utilities, hotels/resorts, etc. 

Consumer Durables – What You Need To Know?

Consumer durables are also known as durable goods or just durables, are a category of consumer goods that do not wear out instantly and thus, do not have to be bought frequently. These are known as “durable goods” as they tend to last for more than three years and are the opposite of consumer non-durables goods

Hence, in a more simple term, commodities that are purchased repeatedly over a prolonged period are known as consumer durables.

Examples of consumer durable are toys, medical equipment, jewelry, sports equipment, furniture tools, consumer electronics, books, automobiles, and much more. Shoes and clothing are examples of semi-durable goods. 

Is Consumer Durables A Good Career Path In 2021?

Consumer Durables A Good Career Path

The answer to this question is Yes. Consumer durables are a good career path in 2021. Most of the durable consumer companies are operating at 100% production capacity. 

Actually, consumer durables consist of particular features that set them apart from other consumption expenditure items. Besides, in the European System of Accounts, consumer durables are defined as durable goods utilized by many households.

This sector is in huge demand at present, and even non-consumer durables are a good career path and you should know this at the earliest.  

How Many Jobs Are Available In Consumer Durables?

How Many Jobs Are Available In Consumer Durables

There are many jobs available in consumer durables, and you must be aware of the same if you are willing to grow your career in this field. 

Now, let’s have a look at the best-paying jobs in consumer durables. The following data is derived from LinkedIn

i). Category Manager

The Category Manager is responsible for determining the positioning of a product category.

Here, you need to increase visibility, partner with Supply Chain to place appropriate orders, build relationships with vendors, develop exit strategies, devise long-term development strategies, analyze data to consumer trends and the industry. 

ii). Sales Operations Specialists

Sales Operations Specialists is one of the top jobs available in consumer durables. Here, you need to support all the stages of the sales cycle and provide high-quality support as a part of consumer services

You need to maintain a clear process for the sales team, accurate data reporting dashboards, prepare sales documents, and also handle all CRM records, deals, and contacts with input from the sales team

iii). Product Development Manager

To get the role of Product Manager, you must have a bachelor’s degree in Business or Marketing. At the same time, you must possess good communication and writing skills

Besides, your main role will be managing pricing and promotions, utilize strong financial acumen, implement several activities and strategies, and build relationships with customers.

iv). Events Manager

The Events Manager works closely with corporate communications teams on activation opportunities and related events. You need to manage budgets and track all consumers

Moreover, you need to identify opportunities for participation in key consumer events that will increase your exposure. At the same time, you need to build marketing initiatives via consumer-facing marketing activations. 

v). Ecommerce Analysts

The Ecommerce Analysts are responsible for creating pathways to deliver profitable growth and annual revenue. You need to facilitate alignment across all eCommerce customers.

You need to manage all the eCommerce content testing roadmap for businesses, collaborate with marketing and product development, monitor trends in user behavior, and maintain a consistent flow of the work. 

The Final Thoughts

Is consumer durables a good career path in 2021? Now, you know why it is regarded as a good career path among millennials in the USA and also other countries. You can grow your career in this particular field and acquired the skills that can be useful in other sectors as well.

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